Blanzy - Construction sites financed by the CUCM to improve the living environment

Blanzy – Construction sites financed by the CUCM to improve the living environment



The air of nothing without even the inhabitants of Blanzy noticing it, the urban community Montceau Creusot finances important works on the commune.

At the former Picard restaurant, which has now become the Espace Colette, where the French Biodiversity Office, the Marina Aupecle dance studio and the Christelle association meet, although the building has been perfectly renovated, “it’s a beautiful success” notes the mayor, Hervé Mazurek, the surroundings deserved specific treatment. The CUCM ensured the financing and the realization of the coatings and vegetated parking spaces which certainly give an additional cachet to the place.

What is done is no longer to be done. This is far from being the case in the Chassagne district which borders the RCEA, a place which will undergo a serious facelift as part of the setting up of 2×2 lanes. Everything concerning the water network will be redone and completely completed at the time of the road works, even if at times, temporary work will be necessary before the permanent one.

During his visit to Blanzy, the president of the CUCM, David Marti also had to appreciate the developments made on EuroVelo 6 in the crossing of the town along the Canal du Centre. There again, in the unanimous opinion of the cyclists, in particular two of them crossed at this precise moment, “it’s a great success. It’s perfect,” they said.

On the way, just near the nautical stop, the president of the CUCM discovered a very friendly little character, “Le Petit Verrier” the very one who guides inhabitants and tourists in the direction of places to discover on Blanzy.


The press release from the CUCM

Espace Colette: creation of a car park and road improvements around the building

The Creusot Montceau Urban Community carried out road development work around the Espace Colette building, as well as the creation of a car park.

The cost of this work, carried out in March, amounts to €57,000 including tax.

La Chassagne: restructuring work on the water networks

In support of the work of the RCEA, the Urban Community of Creusot Montceau is carrying out work to restructure wastewater, drinking water and rainwater.

This work is carried out in several phases:

  • From May to October 2022: wastewater restructuring works. This work relates in particular to the lining of part of the collector under the RCEA.
    • Estimated amount: €240,000 including tax
  • From October to December 2022: work on the storm water network with the creation of an executory to evacuate the overflow of a pond and the preparation of the separation of the sewage and storm water network of the district.
    • Estimated amount: €180,000 including tax
  • In 2023: work on the drinking water network with the rerouting of the network.
    • Estimated amount: €90,000 including tax

Development of the EuroVelo 6 cycle route and safety of the route between Blanzy and Montceau

The first phase of development work on the EuroVelo 6 cycle route led by the Creusot Montceau Urban Community, between Saint-Laurent-d’Andenay and 9e lock at Montceau, is coming to an end. Traffic changes are being implemented along the Canal du Centre.

From Blanzy (Boyer garage) to Montceau (Leclerc shopping centre), traffic is one-way.

The two-way cycle lane, located on the canal side, is separated from the car lane by the installation of a central safety barrier.

From the Leclerc shopping center, traffic in the direction of Blanzy on the edge of the canal is no longer possible.
A life-size experiment, carried out at the beginning of the year, made it possible to test the traffic conditions of large vehicles and to determine the final layouts. This test was carried out with the active participation of various stakeholders: machine operators, local residents, contractors and project managers, Voies navigables de France services, road and sanitation management services, as well as elected representatives. of the communes of Blanzy and Montceau, and of the Urban Community Creusot Montceau.

The EuroVelo 6 development project has been drawn up in close collaboration with the Department of Saône-et-Loire, Voies navigables de France, the municipalities concerned and in consultation with users and local residents.

It is co-financed by the State, the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region, the Saône-et-Loire Department and the Creusot Montceau Urban Community.

Reminder of the project

EuroVelo 6 is a structuring cycle route labeled at European level, which links Nantes to the Black Sea. In the crossing of the urban community, the development of this route remains to be finalized. The urban community carries the development project between Saint-Laurent-d’Andenay and Saint-Vallier, in addition to the Department of Saône-et-Loire in the other sectors.

The project involves the creation and/or enhancement of a pleasant cycle path along the Canal du Centre. To do this, it is necessary to secure the existing route, or even to modify it to bring it closer to the canal. It is also a question of improving the treatment to promote the practice of cycling.

This cycle route is of interest both to local travel within the living area and to tourist roaming. It must allow the development of soft travel, alternatives to the car, and the creation of connections with TER stations. It must also promote reappropriation of the banks of the Canal du Center by the population.


The development project should be carried out in three phases, according to the following provisional schedule:

  • 2021-2022: the sector between Saint-Laurent-d’Andenay (Jeanne Rose bridge) and Montceau (9th lock bridge),
  • 2023-2024: the downtown area of ​​Montceau, between the 9th lock bridge and the Lucy bridge,
  • 2025-2026: the sector between Montceau (Lucy bridge) and Saint-Vallier (Galuzot station).

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