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Big update for the Lakers about Anthony Davis!



Anthony Davis has been of great concern in recent weeks, both in terms of his health and his attitude. However, it seems that there is change in the air when it comes to the old Pelican. The latest information is thus very intriguing.

2022-23 is going to be a busy year for the Lakers, who will have to make amends after a last season that made them the laughingstock of the league. The stars will in particular be expected at the turn, in particular Russell Westbrook sure. The Brodie should, unsurprisingly, still be part of the workforce next fall, although its leaders are looking to get rid of him. However, the leader will not be the only one who will have things to prove.

Indeed, the same can be said of his two local Big Three teammates, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Unlike the No. 0, the King must show him that he can stay as healthy as possible, something less and less obvious for him at 37 years old. Because in terms of performance, he is clearly satisfactory with more than 30 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists on average per game in 2021-22. As for the third thief, however, the case is much more complex.

Indeed, Davis is seriously worried at the start of the coming campaign, and not only because he is unable to stand on his own two legs, he who has once again not passed the bar of 45 games last year. past. Indeed, his professionalism has also been singled out lately, particularly following a shocking revelation from him. Enough to make the Californians fans jump, who expect a lot more from him given that he is called upon to take over from LBJ when he retires…

Anthony Davis more invested than ever in training?

In other words, the doubts around the old Pelican were numerous until recently and he was going to have to seriously catch up in the weeks to come. However, it would seem that this is precisely his intention, according to the latest information relayed by Marc Stein. The NBA insider conducted his little investigation on The Brow, revealing that the big man was working hard to be at the top of his game in 2022-23. The numerous criticisms would thus have piqued his pride:

Potential good news for the Lakers and soon-to-be-extended player James: Anthony Davis’ startling revelation in mid-June that he hadn’t played basketball since early April, could be a hidden blessing. Davis, by all accounts, has been training with increased diligence since his comments drew a wave of harsh criticism.

This should reassure a lot on the side of the City of Angels, the franchise counting on him to be able to replace the Chosen One in the event of a physical problem or simply fatigue. Especially if Westbrook continues to disappoint… On top of that, AD was sharper than ever recently, which is far from trivial in his case. If he can stay away from the infirmary, then LA will have a real chance of fighting for something other than a playoff spot next year.

Tired of criticism about him, Anthony Davis has obviously decided to move up a gear and trains like a madman. This bodes well for the Lakers, who hope to bounce back in 2022-23. For that, The Brow will have to be at the top.

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