NBA Trade à venir entre Bulls et Heat ?

Big trade to come between the Bulls and the Heat?



Miami hasn’t had much success lately when it comes to recruiting. An observation which could however evolve in the times to come, according to a renowned journalist. According to him, a deal with Chicago would not be excluded.

For the moment, we cannot say that the Heat’s 2022 offseason is particularly frenzied. Last year, the Floridians made the buzz by attracting Kyle Lowry in their nets, but the fishing has been much less transcendent this summer. Kevin Durant, whom they ardently coveted, is not about to join them despite his interest in them. Same with regard to Donovan Mitchellwho heads to the Knicks instead.

Still, that doesn’t mean the franchise has given up and is waiting for the season to begin. It is not in his habits, even less in those of his big boss Pat Riley. According to Sean become of the site Heavy, South Beach should therefore still be active in the market. In this case, it is only the interior sector that could be targeted by the leaders, in order to add muscle and talent to Erik Spoelstra’s group:

There aren’t many teams actively looking for insides right now, especially guys who can dominate in the key. I think once the season starts, if there is an injury, maybe that will change. But probably the only team with that in mind at the moment, and we have to see how things go there, is Miami. They wanted to make a big hit, but they haven’t, yet.

The question now remains who to hire, as few high-potential candidates are still available. However, still according to become, one profile in particular would stand out from the rest: Nikola Vucevic. The Chicago pivot would interest Miami, who might want to associate his racquet with Bam Adebayo. A hell of a duo! In return, the idea would be to send a very strong shooting guard to Illinois, which is looking for itself at the moment after a very good start:

Miami in the ranks for Nikola Vucevic?

The Bulls had already been interested in Duncan Robinson and if the Heat really wanted Vucevic, that could be the basis of a deal, Vucevic vs. Robinson, the Heat should add Omer Yurtseven, giving Chicago a big man to work with. And the Bulls would probably want them back on Tony Bradley to have a little more space under the luxury tax in case they want to add a guy.

Such a move would have two very specific advantages for Floridians: on the one hand, they would therefore obtain the player they want, but above all, they could then also get rid of a player on the back lines who is expensive (74 million over four years). No small feat, given that the backcourt is quite clogged on the FTX Arena side. This may also be an opportunity to give more responsibilities to Tyler Herro, who aims to become a starter.

So watch out for the Heat, who could pull off a big hit after all when they failed to bring in Kevin Durant. It remains to be seen whether it will be for Nikola Vucevic at the Bulls, or by negotiating with another competitor.

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