La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, a débarqué avec un look folklorique au MET Gala 2022

Big indication for Russell Westbrook at the Lakers!



Almost considered undesirable at the Lakers, Russell Westbrook could play for a new team next season. Impossible to know who, but the front office is looking for a way out. If the mission fails? Thanks to The Athletic, we know a little more about the possible role of the player.

The summer is still far from over for the Lakers, who have a lot to settle. The most important soap opera is obviously that of Russell Westbrook, possibly related to Kyrie Irving. The latter could join the City of Angels, at least if an agreement is reached between the Nets and the Angelinos, which is not the case to date. The reason is simple: there is a problem with the consideration, and more specifically with draft rounds.

To get Brodie’s contract back, Brooklyn would want two first rounds, which could seriously jeopardize the Lakers’ future. The two teams prefer to temporize for the moment, possibly waiting for someone to give in. Patience is required, even for Westbrook, who knows he is concerned about all this. The interested party would not be against a departure, to the point that he separated from his agent, Thad Foucher.

The role of Russell Westbrook already found?

But there is a world where Westbrook can’t find a way out, and he has to come back to the Angelinos. A widely possible scenario, especially since LeBron, Davis and Russ chatted over the phone, to find common ground. The conversation was productive, which means that the former Thunder player is not closed to discussion, even if Darvin Ham will expect a lot from him on the floor. After all, he should be a starter.

“Russell Westbrook should start games if he stays with the team. »

The information comes from journalist Jovan Buha, who works at The Athletic. Westbrook should not start on the bench, although the question could arise. Indeed, with a LeBron still as ubiquitous, a Davis who will often want the ball to dominate in the key, it is always difficult to find room for Russ. Ham have no plans to punish him on the bench, although nothing should be ruled out for poor performances.

As a bonus, it is not impossible to witness certain tensions, especially if the defeats are legion. That’s why retaining Westbrook remains risky after a rumored summer with the Lakers. Ham has a certain plan in mind, and it involves the King being the jack of all trades, even if it means considering Brodie as a sort of pariah. His return to the Angelinos does not necessarily bode well.

Russell Westbrook could well return to the Lakers, and if so, he should keep his starting role. But how long? Everything will depend on his performance, with a Darvin Ham ready to do whatever it takes to win the matches. Suffice to say that the conflict will never be very far away.

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