L'arrière NBA français des New York Knicks, Evan Fournier, est revenu avec franchise sur son utilisation au sein de la franchise

Big concern for the Knicks, their future threatened!



The Knicks are still keen to return to the top of the Eastern Conference, with some interest in Donovan Mitchell, available at the Jazz. Nevertheless, and before projecting itself too far, the franchise will have to be wary of the NBA, which could sanction in the near future. In question ? The same story as the Sixers. Watch out for the punishment, possibly severe.

Disappointing last season, the Knicks did not hide their ambition in the East. With Julius Randle, Evan Fournier and company, the Big Apple team dreams of competing with the best teams. The leaders may have found their leader of the future, in the person of Jalen Brunson, who came to reinforce this workforce at the beginning of the summer. A small risk for a player coming out of a good season in Dallas (16.3 points on average), but with a contract of 104 million over the next 4 seasons.

Sanctions to come at the Knicks?

If the former Texan fails to confirm, we imagine that the front office may regret his choice. No guarantee, especially since the franchise could also see its future threatened. In question, irregularities concerning the signing of Brunson. We learn via Chris Haynes, who works at Yahoo Sports, that the NBA has started an investigation to find out if contacts took place before free agency.

The NBA has begun an investigation into the New York Knicks for possible tampering with the signing of free agent Jalen Brunson. The NBA will find out if the Knicks made contact with Jalen Brunson before the start of free agency.

As a reminder, it is forbidden to start conversations before the free agency period. The teams, as well as the players, have to wait for the opening of the market to negotiate, which is rarely respected. This is why very often, Adrian Wojnarowski, Shams Charania and company announce deals concluded before departure.

The Knicks are concerned, as are the Sixers with the signing of James Harden and PJ Tucker. Knowing Brunson’s contract was out in late June, there’s little doubt that New York broke the rules. From now on ? A possible fine, or in the worst case scenario, the withdrawal of one or more draft rounds. Everything will depend on what the league finds out.

News reported ahead of the start of free agency on June 30 that the Knicks already had a deal in place with Brunson for a four-year, $104 million deal. Brunson was scheduled to meet with several teams early in free agency, but ultimately only chatted with the Knicks, securing his contract.

Did the Knicks break the rules in the Jalen Brunson case? It’s highly likely, but it’s not like the franchise is the only one doing this. Many deals leaked before the market opened, which means the NBA has work to do. A soap opera still far from over.

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