Benoit Cizeron

Benoît Cizeron: “The objective of iAdvize is to be able to unify the customer journey”



The iAdvize story?

BC – iAdvize’s mission from the start has been to make brands conversational. The company was created in 2010 by Julien Hervouët in Nantes, and in a few years we went from a conversational chat to a 360° conversational platform that supports brands, distributors, but also advertising agencies, in the deployment of conversational strategies. , whether on the marketing part of course, but also commercial, and support.

Today, iAdvize supports more than 2000 brands such as Fnac, Decathlon, Samsung or Hyundai. It is also more than 230 employees in offices in Paris, Boston, Düsseldorf and at its headquarters in Nantes.

An omnichannel conversation?

BC – Our idea is to say that conversation is at the heart of the uses of all customers and prospects of brands today. Conversation is the best way to engage with a customer, combining human and artificial intelligence.

This combination of these two forces allows us to have a very strong impact on the sales, support and marketing aspects of the brands and distributors with whom we work.

We are working on the development of the prospect user journey, on the question of awareness. This is why we deploy live shopping solutions, but also personalized one-to-one relationships to engage the prospect and the customer, remove the barriers to purchase and ensure that we actually have impact on business performance.

Retail Media formats?

BC – iAdvize has an offer called “Sales Activation” which now allows advertising agencies to sell on behalf of brands, engagement, conversation.

Concretely, if I am Mr. Electrolux today, I will be able to effectively buy conversation on a merchant site and ensure that the expert, the respondent, the one who is the most qualified, can answer directly on the Electrolux product pages. , for example.

Towards a unification of customer knowledge?

BC – You have to see the customer journey as a whole. I talked about Awareness with live Shopping, but actually, we also talk about video content to enrich key journeys and product sheets. And then personalized engagement, whether in chat and/or video, or even to the connected seller since we are working on omnichannel, to be able to respond to all the needs and questions of prospects and customers. clients.

And tomorrow ? The objective is to be able to unify this customer journey, to ensure that thanks to iAdvize, we have the intelligence to manage the customer relationship on all touchpoints and thus be able to have customer knowledge and optimize this relationship. .

What we believe is that merchant sites today must reinvent themselves. The product sheet must be reinvented. In any case, what makes the difference for brands and distributors is precisely being able to have this global knowledge and unify this journey, while leaving the user the choice of channel, whether on Google Business Messages, on Apple Messages for Business, on WhatsApp or directly on the brand’s website.

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