La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis, pourrait rejoindre Stephen Curry aux Golden State Warriors via un échange lunaire proposé par un média US

Before the shock against the Warriors, the provocative declaration of Anthony Davis!



Promised for a difficult start to the season, the Lakers will first have the heavy task of winning on the floor of the Warriors on Tuesday. An appointment on which Anthony Davis expressed himself… with perhaps a little too much arrogance for the taste of some!

They will certainly not have the privilege of officially kicking off the new season, but will still take part in the biggest poster of the Opening Night. Traveling to Golden State for their return to the courts, the Lakers know that they are not advancing as favorites at the dawn of this meeting. And yet, this does not seem to undermine the confidence ofAnthony Davis. Not at all, even.

Anthony Davis wants to ruin the Warriors’ big night

Uncertain for this huge appointment, just like other stars of his franchise, Davis should still do everything possible to take part in the festivities. He will be obliged to attend the presentation of the Warriors champion rings, as tradition dictates. This would also represent a great source of motivation for him and his teammates, as he said at a press conference:

Anthony Davis on the schedule that awaits the Lakers for their recovery, namely two games against the Warriors and the Clippers: “Our first two meetings are against two title contenders. It’s always nice to ruin a ring night. So our goal and our mindset is to start strong and start the season with two wins. »

All means are good to boost his troops before such opposition. For AD, defeating the defending champions at home on the sidelines of their consecration is thus part of the reasons which could offer a surplus of envy to the Angelinos. A leader’s speech that can be heard in Los Angeles, but which also risks raising Steve Kerr’s troops!

Moreover, it turns out that this very particular context has so far not really succeeded at Unibrow. Indeed, in 2015, the star interior had already traveled to the Bay with the Pelicans to face the Dubs, who had just been crowned champions there too. Results ? A defeat of 16 points, during which he was ultra-clumsy (4/20 shooting, 18 points). All that remains is to hope for him that his recent remarks will not lead to the same disappointment!

Directly confronted with the Warriors during the Opening Night, Anthony Davis and his Lakers dream of rotting the evening of celebration planned at the Chase Center. Be careful, however, not to see such words turn against them once on the ground!

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