NBA Hakeem Olajuwon

“Before he became a Muslim, I tried to plant him at halftime”



The NBA locker rooms are sometimes the scene of violent altercations and fights, as when the Wizards of Gilbert Arenas almost killed each other in a shootout… But other dramas were narrowly avoided, such as this attempted knife attack at halftime of a match!

The NBA has always been marked by quite crazy and delirious personalities. The most striking example remains that of Dennis Rodman, who behaved like a real rockstar during his time with the Bulls, with vacations in Las Vegas during the regular season, appearances in major wrestling shows in the heart of the Finalsintimate evenings in the training room… Concretely, he lived on his own planet while helping Michael Jordan to build his legend.

But he’s not the only colorful character to have passed through the league in recent years. We can also think of Ron Artest, at the heart of the biggest fight of all time during his time in Indiana, author of the most unhealthy nudge too, on James Harden during the 2012 playoffs… And what about Gilbert Arenas, who almost provoked a shootout in his own locker room?

The huge fight between Cedric Maxwell and Hakeem Olajuwon

Moreover, the latter is now a respected consultant, he hosts his own podcast, and he received one of the troublemakers of the 90s, Cedric Maxwell, champion with the Rockets. “Mad Max” once again proved why he deserved his nickname, explaining why he almost planted Hakeem Olajuwon at halftime in a match… Obviously, faith made the golden-footed pivot change.

Hakeem Olajuwon has been a beautiful person since becoming a Muslim. Before he converted he was very difficult to manage. One day we were in Seattle, and the tunnel to get to the floor was huge. At halftime I was up against myself, I must have scored 4 or 5 points, I was spitting all over the floor, and he was behind me. I started muttering that my teammates never pass me, that they should let me attack.

He started telling me that I should be professional, stop complaining… That’s not what I wanted to hear so I insulted him. When he entered the locker room, he came in front of my place and gave me a huge slap in the face. I was almost knocked out. I grabbed my chair as I got up, broke a window, grabbed a piece of glass and was ready to smash it. The police had to come into the locker room and pull out the guns.

In the NBA locker room not everything is always rosy, it also happens to teammates to come to blows, driven by the frustration of a meeting. That evening, Cedric Maxwell almost committed irreparable damage by trying to get revenge with a sharp piece of ice and seriously injuring one of the best players of the time. Hakeem The Dream might not look like it, but he was an authoritative leader in the Rockets locker room.

Cedric Maxwell had a terrible idea at halftime of this meeting between the Rockets and the Sonics, but the police intervened. Anyway, if it weren’t for the police, his teammates would have protected the franchise player.

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