Become an expert in sustainable finance

Become an expert in sustainable finance




Novethic offers a course allowing you to master all the codes and cogs of a booming sector. Through three training modules, the learner will have the keys to understanding the challenges of sustainable finance for investors, their expectations vis-à-vis companies, the ecosystem and the regulatory framework.

FIRST MODULE: The fundamentals of sustainable finance – Duration: 3h30

A module to understand the ecosystem, challenges and practices of sustainable finance and to know the regulatory framework.


  • Origin of sustainable finance
  • Key structuring dates for sustainable finance

The urgency of a paradigm shift

  • Climate change and social justice
  • Business controversies

Sustainable finance in practice

  • Overview of key concepts (ESG analysis, exclusions, shareholder engagement)
  • Brief overview of industry labels and initiatives

The European strategy on sustainable finance

  • Presentation of the European Commission’s action plan
  • Raising awareness of major regulations in sustainable finance (Taxonomy, CSRD, SFDR, etc.)

The next challenges of sustainable finance

  • Transparency and standardization of practices

SECOND MODULE: Overview of European regulations in sustainable finance – Duration: 1 day of 7 hours

A module to understand the expectations of regulators, identify the impacts of obligations on your company and anticipate the changes to be implemented in its structure.

The European strategy on sustainable finance

  • Presentation of the European Commission’s action plan
  • Overview of the various regulations at French and European level (article 29, CSRD, Mifid 2, Solvency 2, low carbon indices, Ecolabel)

Two major regulations under the magnifying glass

  • Green taxonomy (definitions, regulatory calendar, obligations)
  • SFDR (definitions, regulatory schedule, obligations)

THIRD MODULE: The fundamentals of ESG analysis and impact measurement – Duration: 3h30

A module to understand ESG analysis and make the link between ESG analysis and the measurement of the impact of company activities.

ESG analysis

  • Regulatory frameworks (CSRD in Europe, DPEF in France)
  • Brief overview of ESG analysis agencies and the different methodologies
  • ESG analysis for SMEs/ETIs vs listed multinationals

Case study

  • ESG analysis and taxonomy
  • The biodiversity footprint through the plastic footprint


Margot Cazeaux WEB

Margot Cazeaux

Margot Cazeaux has been in charge of Novethic’s training division since March 2022. In this context, she acts as a trainer, and ensures the updating of the catalog and the commercial management of the division.

Hugo Mickeler WEB

Hugo Mickler

A lawyer in sustainable transformation for the Novethic research center and a doctoral student at the Dauphine Law Research Center (CR2D) of the University of Paris Sciences and Letters, Hugo is interested in questions of the judicialization of CSR.

7114 nicolas redon 2

Nicholas Redon

Novethic’s green finance expert, Nicolas Redon, is particularly sensitive to the European green taxonomy and to the analysis of the risks linked to climate change weighing heavily on portfolios. He is also a fine connoisseur of the sustainable financial strategy of the European Union.


Pedagogical approach

Novethic trainers and experts use a variety of teaching methods and favor interactivity: quizzes, surveys, interactive games, demonstrations, experiments (case studies, simulations, etc.).

Novethic training combines theoretical teaching and analysis of current events.

Educational means

In personthe room is equipped with a video projector or a giant screen, whiteboards or paperboards, as well as electrical outlets for connecting computers and telephones.

From a distance, the training is done by Teams. The exercises and moments of interactivity are provided through dedicated tools (Klaxoon, Menti, etc.) via the creation of sub-rooms or screen sharing. The PDF support is sent after the training.

Assessment methods

The knowledge of the learner is evaluated in the form of a quiz at the end of each training.



This training is intended for financial market players (managers, analysts, investor relations, ESG manager, marketing manager, financial advisers), but also for professionals within companies in any sector (general management, CSR manager, communication manager, investor relations, innovation department) and consulting firms.


No prerequisites are necessary.

Disabled access

Any request for adaptation can be studied upstream of the training according to the needs of the people. For people with reduced mobility, or in the event of special arrangements to be made to ensure proper follow-up of the training, please contact the Novethic teams.

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