Donovan Mitchell avec le Jazz

Battle for Donovan Mitchell, the 6 suitors revealed!



Potentially out of the Jazz, Donovan Mitchell could be the league’s next big name to pack his bags. The Knicks are on it, but they’re far from alone. The Athletic has just drawn up a new list with 6 franchises, even if the means remain quite limited. This soap opera could be spread over several months.

While he has been the delight of the Jazz since his arrival in the league, Donovan Mitchell has not yet enjoyed collective success. Despite several tries under the leadership of Quin Snyder, and with Rudy Gobert as teammates, Spida is struggling to turn a corner. Is it really his fault? Hard to know, but the star will be closely scrutinized next year, with new players at his side. Well, that’s if he stays in Salt Lake City.

From what we know, such a scenario is not yet certain. Danny Ainge has not openly swung his player on the market, but the leader no longer closes the door in the face of interested teams. Spida can be traded, at least if an organization decides to put the price on it, and as much to say that the latter is high. With 8 first draft rounds and several young players, the Knicks are the favorites, but beware.

Donovan Mitchell followed by a multitude of teams!

After all, New York still doesn’t want to field a big deal. The Jazz are asking for a mountain, which the opposing front office refuses to give up. Mitchell remains a talented player, but can he take the Knicks to the next level? Doubts are allowed. If the franchise of the Big Apple procrastinates too much, it will be necessary to be wary of the competition. Reporter Fred Katz, who works at The Athletic, listed 6 teams eyeing Donovan.

The Knicks are one team that may have been linked to Donovan Mitchell, but there are more. Shams Charania explained that six teams have expressed an interest in the three-time All-Star: the Wizards, Hawks, Heat, Raptors, Hornets and finally the Kings. But many of these teams have pick limitations, similar to the Wizards, because they’ve given up too many assets in the past, or because some are protected.

Not all teams are in the same situation as the Knicks, with plenty of assets to trade in the near future. The Wizards, for example, don’t have a valid first round until… 2028. An eternity for the Jazz, who don’t want to wait that long, especially if Washington recovers Mitchell. This is where a trade with multiple franchises makes sense, but again, good luck with all parties being happy.

It must be remembered that Utah is not in an urgent position. Spida still has several years of contract left, which means that it will take a sensational offer to shake things up. We are not necessarily talking about players, but about picks, which can eliminate a team like the Wizards from the equation. That’s why the Knicks remain the favorites, despite these rumors.

Unsurprisingly, and regardless of some criticism, Donovan Mitchell remains a highly courted player in the market. There are at least 7 interested franchises, a figure that can significantly increase if the player is officially available. However, it will be difficult to beat the Knicks on fair terms, at least if the front office wants to take action.

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