Banque Populaire augmente son offre 'verte' à destination des PME et ETI

Banque Populaire increases its “green” offer for SMEs and ETIs – Financing & Innovations > Finance function



VSEs and SMEs are in a way the bad students of CSR in France. According to a study published last October by Goodwill-management, only 24% of them had formalized their CSR actions within a real CSR strategy and only 14% of respondents also believed that this CSR approach was fully integrated into the strategy. overall company.

To remedy this, Banque Populaire, the first bank for SMEs in France according to a Kantar TNS study, is launching new impact financing solutions for companies. Among these, the bank is setting up a impact ready. Entitled “BP Impact”, this loan is intended for VSEs, SMEs and ETIs and aims toencourage a CSR approach within companies and to support them in an environmental and societal transition. This loan is intended accessible (from 300.000€ funding request) and simple. The company that takes out this loan chooses 1 to 3 indicators to achieve in a list of 14 indicators predetermined by Banque Populaire. If the objectives for these indicators are achieved, the company can benefit from a discount of up to 10% on annual interest (3% for one indicator achieved, 6% for two indicators achieved and 10% for three indicators achieved). This impact is paid in retrocession of interest to the company, which can choose to donate this amount to an association of her choice if she wishes. “Our role is to encourage small and medium-sized companies to accelerate the implementation of a CSR strategy because more than ever it is a guarantee of development and sustainability of a company,” declared on this occasion Bertrand Magnin, director of development at Banque Populaire.

The other particularity of this impact loan is to be associated with the National Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants (CNOEC). “Trusted third parties by essence, chartered accountants will thus support the companies concerned in their CSR initiatives, while attesting to the evolution of the CSR indicators selected as part of the impact loan offered by Banque Populaire,” for his part reacted Damien Dreux, vice-president of the CNOEC.

A term account and a new range of green loans

Banque Populaire is also creating a green term account. It allows companies to capitalize on their cash surpluses by participating in the ecological transition, specifically in their region. Outstandings remain in the collection region to be allocated to the financing of loans intended for the energy transition. This term account, with a term of 2, 3 or 5 yearsallows progressive remuneration in half-yearly increments.

Finally, the bank has also set up four new green loans to provide more specific solutions to business needs. Thus, were created a energy renovation loanfor companies wishing to renovate their premises, a renewable energy loanfor companies wishing to diversify their income or optimize their energy costs, a green mobility loanfor customers wanting to have clean vehicles and/or infrastructure adapted to this green mobility and a business transition loan for companies wishing to develop their current activity.

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