Banks protect themselves at all costs against cyberattacks



Mesrine has gone out of fashion. The shattering entries of gun-toting bandits in bank branches is followed by the clicking of the keys of hundreds of computer keyboards, animated by hackers from Los Angeles, Beijing or Moscow. The new target is no longer the vault, but the computer system that controls and directs financial flows. This makes them less spectacular, but much more effective. In 2016, the central bank of Bangladesh was robbed of nearly $81 million after hackers infiltrated its system and obtained certificates authorizing the transfer of funds.

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The concept of a safe is written in their DNA. This is why banks were, earlier than others, sensitive to digital security issues. “Along with defence, the banking world is the first ordering party in terms of cybersecurity”, points out Jacques de La Rivière, founder of Gatewatcher, which designs tools for detecting cyberattacks. They protect themselves against two types of intrusions: virtual robbery, which damages their reputation the most, and ransomware, which targets their information system.

Vital role for the nation

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