AXA Climate trains marketers in the challenges of ecological transition - CSR > Marketing Green

AXA Climate trains marketers in the challenges of ecological transition – CSR > Marketing Green



AXA Climate trains marketers in the challenges of the ecological transition

The company founded within the AXA group now offers communication and marketing professionals an online training course, devised in seven stages, dedicated to environmental issues.

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Global warming is a growing concern. Communication and marketing professionals have understood this well. However, this phenomenon requires a certain base of knowledge on the subject. The scale-up (start-up having managed to grow) AXA Climate has therefore devised a training course for marketers and communicators in order to make them aware of the various ecological issues. How to design a sustainable offer? How to position it well? How to avoid greenwashing? Or how to decarbonize marketing practices?

AXA Climate, whose mission is to reinvent the insurance sector to support players engaged in sustainable transitions, intends to answer all these questions. “By 2030, these communication and marketing professionals must prepare for a profound revolution in their practices. Tomorrow, they will have to develop new skills and collaborate with new professions”, provides a release of the scale-up. Training for the latter on this theme of ecological transition is therefore particularly relevant according to the company.

We support companies engaged in sustainable transitions. We are convinced that the employees of these companies are the most powerful lever for transformation. With this training, we give them the means to act at their level, as a communicator or marketing manager, in favor of a more sustainable world.“, explains Antoine Poincaré, head of the Climate School of AXA Climate. “For companies, this training is accessible with an annual subscription of 15 euros per user, the price being decreasing according to the number of learners. The subscription gives access to a catalog of training courses to support the environmental transformation of companies, iincluding this training and 16 others“, says Ana Pachon, Marketing and Communications Manager of AXA Climate.

Online training designed in seven steps by many experts

To help marketers and communicators, AXA Climate has therefore been offering distance training for the past few days, divided into seven parts (Why sustainable marketing?; Your job in 2030; Re-examining your brand strategy; Designing a sustainable offer; Reducing the environmental impact of your practices; Adapting your communication; Case study: eco-innovation at Forclaz). Several experts have been mobilized for this purpose. Among them, Christophe Barnouin, managing director of Ecotone, Frédéric Mô, director of the Forclaz brand and eco-design referent at Decathlon, Sylvie Combe, president and founder of the Albacombee collective, Nathalie Pannetier, founder of NP SOLUTIONS or Jonathan Gual, head of CSR strategy at Pierre & Vacances contributed their skills and experience to this project.

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