Nicolas Batum face à Team USA

Attacked, Nicolas Batum drops the perfect answer!



Present at the last gathering of the French team, Nicolas Batum received harsh criticism, to everyone’s surprise. Not enough to disconcert the veteran however, who split a foolproof repartee to end the discussion. That is what is said.

2022-23 could be a very interesting year for Nicolas Batum, on the Clippers side. Indeed, his franchise player Kawhi Leonard is back on his feet after a white season, his physique having also impressed the fans there is little. While waiting for the big league to resume its rights, there is still a little time. Suddenly, the winger takes care of himself by going to support the players of the Blues in particular, to whom he paid a short visit during their last gathering, in Nanterre:

Batum criticized for his absence from Eurobasket

For players preparing to play Eurobasket in Germany, Italy, Georgia and the Czech Republic, it’s obviously a nice morale boost to see Batman coming to cheer them on. Because let’s remember, the latter will not participate in the competition this year, with the men of Vincent Collet. Something that doesn’t appeal to everyone, by the way… One Internet user in particular severely criticized the person concerned because of that, deleting his tweet afterwards. Batum, however, reacted calmly, with a response as frank as it was well felt:

Neau Raphael : Nicolas Batum I like you, but visiting the team by withdrawing is small…

batum : The guys and Vincent understand my decision, taken on personal and professional criteria, and they want me to continue to keep a link with the team and to come and see them. So I will continue to support them and visit them.

Difficult to make clearer on the part of the veteran, who rightly refuses to have his attitude questioned. After so many years of wet the jersey for the EDF, he had every right to free time, he who is about to play nearly a hundred games next season. Being in good shape will therefore be crucial for him, both physically and mentally. Unlike the Internet user in question, most fans had nothing to say about the decision of the Batman.

It is entirely within Nicolas Batum’s right to take a little vacation, even if it means not accompanying the Blues to the Eurobasket. The fact that he still seizes the opportunity to go and offer them his support demonstrates it well: even during his free time, the winger remains the No. 1 supporter of Vincent Collet’s men.

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