Un poids lourd de la conférence Est vient de signer un joueur en fusion totale, auteur de 100 points sur ses deux derniers matchs

At the heart of the rumors about KD, Jayson Tatum adds a layer!



Will Kevin Durant end up being traded to the Celtics? It’s the big question in Massachusetts and the NBA community. Jayson Tatum was recently questioned on this, and the number 0 has just released a new statement on the subject.

As of now, he is still a Nets player. We say for the moment, because at the moment, nobody really knows where will evolve Kevin Durant next year. In any case, he would like to leave the New York superteam, frustrated by the lack of results in three years on the spot. And like six years ago, when he joined the Warriors from OKC, he is now linked to the franchise which has just eliminated him in the playoffs.

Indeed, while the other suitors have gradually withdrawn from his case because of the demands of Brooklyn, Boston is still considered a serious candidate if there were to be a transfer. A first offer has also been submitted by the Celtics, but the leadership of the Blacks and Whites refused it outright. GM Brad Stevens therefore has his work cut out for him if he wants to be successful…in the meantime, it’s the players who have to answer questions from the media, especially Jayson Tatum.

Recently interviewed on the subject by The Athleticthe franchise player however kicked in touch, explaining half-word that it was rather necessary to question its leader for that:

The cool part of his job is that Brad doesn’t tell me how to do mine anymore. He is no longer the coach of our team. He lets me do my job. I let him do his job in return. In all honesty, it’s his decision and it’s his job.

Tatum doesn’t want to get involved in the Kevin Durant case

Difficult to make more clear on the part of the n°0, who has not the slightest intention of getting involved in the game of rumours. You have to say that in addition to being suggested as a counterpart for the double champion, Tatum knows that the least of his declarations are closely scrutinized, especially in such a hot file. However, that didn’t stop him from dropping another statement in the process, which in turn may attract the attention of Bean Town supporters:

Fighting for the title is not a certain thing, you know. You have to do your bit. You have to take the right steps. But I’m sure we have the right group that will get involved, and we can’t ignore anything and try to make our way to the Finals. We have to start in training camp. We have to start from day one.

In other words, although he refuses to project himself directly into the Finals, the former Duke does not have too much trouble seeing himself returning there in 2022-23 with the current group. It must be said that the C’s have not lost a central element of their roster, and on the contrary have already improved it by bringing in Malcolm Brogdon. JT probably especially hopes that the start of the season will be better than last year, the franchise having waited until January before revving up.

Jayson Tatum does not want to comment on the Kevin Durant file, preferring to leave this activity to his front office. At first glance, he nevertheless seems to have confidence in the current squad. Bringing in the Slim Reaper is therefore probably not a priority for him.

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