La jeune star NBA des Minnesota Timberwolves, Anthony Edwards, s'est fait ridiculiser après sa grosse attaque envers le pivot français du Utah Jazz, Rudy Gobert

Anthony Edwards cash on his lack of respect towards Rudy Gobert



Now Rudy Gobert’s teammate at the Timberwolves, Anthony Edwards was ruthless in his statements about the French pivot a few months ago. He also recently returned to the latter… with a very different discourse!

Despite a record that speaks for him, his recognition within the league still clearly leaves something to be desired. Triple Defender of the Year, Rudy Gobert paradoxically fails to establish himself as an NBA star in the eyes of all. Including with its counterparts, who may tend to minimize its performance below the basket. Even his new teammates were sometimes able to criticize him in this way.

Sent to the Timberwolves at the start of the summer, Gobzilla generally received a warm welcome there. Karl-Anthony Towns, for example, has repeatedly expressed his excitement at the idea of ​​playing alongside the Frenchman. At the same time, the reaction of Anthony Edwards was firmly awaited, he who had openly criticized the Stifle Tower during the season. However, it would seem that the young star has changed his mind about him.

Anthony Edwards backpedals on Rudy Gobert

As a reminder, Edwards made the following comments after having had great difficulty scoring against Gobert last December:

Every time I play (Kristaps) Porzingis, I don’t score a single layup. But there, I do not understand why we did not manage to finish our actions on Rudy Gobert. It doesn’t cause me the slightest fear. I don’t understand.

Comparing the French pivot to Porzingis defensively, and even considering him inferior to the Latvian in the field, was seen as a huge tackle at the time. Inevitably, Ant ‘had to go back on his words following the arrival of Rudy in Minnesota. He did just that in his recent interview with Zion Olojede and Complexwhere he was reminded of his frontal attack:

Haha, no, he’s awesome. He’s going to make it tough for all of our opponents in the key, and that’s what we needed. So I think it’s a great move.

Yet another attempt to catch up with the French international, after seeing him as Wolves’ missing piece to go for the title.

Not the resentful type, Gobert shouldn’t hold it against Edwards for his old provocations towards him. He has no interest in doing so to facilitate his integration. Better indeed that he make a clean sweep of the past, and that he develops a good agreement with the promising winger on the floor. This ultimately represents the best way for him to win his first champion ring!

Anthony Edwards continues his public mea culpa with Rudy Gobert, once again praising his qualities as a hoop protector. By dint of multiplying statements of the kind, the young winger will eventually regain the favor of the French!

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