Les superstars NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis, LeBron James et Russell Westbrook, vivent un début de saison très délicat avec leur équipe, illustré par une statistique assassine

Anthony Davis reveals the underside of the meeting with LeBron and Westbrook!



Filled with doubts after a calamitous last season, the Lakers and their three stars, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis, logically took stock this summer. The Unibrow has just revealed the content of their discussions!

The off-season promised to be eventful; in the end, she wasn’t that much. Called to separate from Russell Westbrook, the Lakers have not been able to find him a base. Result of the races, they seem doomed to operate the Big Three composed of the Brodie, as well as LeBron James and Anthony Davis. This is good, since the main stakeholders seem to want to help them.

The big change agreed by LeBron, Davis and Russ

After the difficulties encountered last year, LBJ, AD and Russ were quick to meet to talk about their association, and envision a common future. In the columns of The Athletic, Jovan Buha rightly reported the first impressions taken from the recent public training of the Angelinos, and in particular those related to the trio of stars. Positive impressions, and which would not come from nowhere according to Davis:

It seemed like the cohesion was better between James and Westbrook. Davis said that was normal. After having multiple conversations over the summer, the three stars decided they needed to stop being afraid of stepping on each other, and that playing with conviction rather than passively would be the best thing for them. ‘crew.

The three acolytes would have been too polite and respectful towards each other, which would have led their team to its loss last year. However, Davis assures us that things are about to change:

I think the thing that penalized us the most was that everyone thought too much about each other, whereas now everyone is aggressive.

Russ, if he has the ball, he doesn’t hesitate to go for it. Bron, if he has the ball, he does not hesitate to go there. When I have the ball, I go. Whatever. And this approach really helps us all. Of course, we are selfless players, so we want to pass the ball and do other things for our teammates, but at the same time, we also have to take care of ourselves.

I think that’s the biggest change we wanted to see from the three of us. Whoever receives the ball, let’s be aggressive because it will open the field for everyone else.

Even if this kind of optimistic speech delivered during the pre-season must be taken with tweezers, it still has something to excite the fans. To see if it will be verified this Monday, against the Kings!

Disappointing last year, the Anthony Davis-LeBron James-Russell Westbrook triplet would arrive with a whole new state of mind this season. Ambitious words delivered by the star interior, which must however be followed by actions to convince!

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