La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis, s'en est prise aux fans de sa franchise au beau milieu de la crise de résultats

Anthony Davis’ future threatened? The crazy rumor that surrounds the star at the Lakers!



Often absent last season, Anthony Davis did not reassure the supporters during this preparation. Despite impressive performance, the interior was also limited by a few pains. What to relaunch his future in the City of Angels? Maybe yes. ESPN says in any case that the coming season could be crucial.

To win the title this season, the Lakers are betting a lot on the talent of LeBron James, without much surprise. The King may celebrate his 38th birthday in two months, but the success of the Angelinos will mainly go through him. For Russell Westbrook, on the other hand, it’s quite the opposite with his role change. But the workforce superstar is ultimately found elsewhere.

Darvin Ham has said it many times since arriving in Los Angeles: Davis is the key to success on this roster. Not James. No problem for the Akron native, who has always agreed with this statement. He is aware that Unibrow embodies the future of the organization, so the majority of possessions will have to pass through him. But can he assume such a status? This is yet to be determined.

Big doubts about Anthony Davis at the Lakers?

After all, Davis carries with it a certain reputation. As good as he is, injuries often prevent him from playing matches. This is the case for example in this pre-season with back problems. This is noticeable at the Lakers according to journalist Dave McMenamim, in his last article for ESPN. Even among the Pourpre et Or, we are beginning to doubt…

Just like James, who wants to be there to help his teammates, Davis has gone further: he wants to play all 82 regular season games. But aside from missing games at the Lakers in recent seasons, some inside the front office feel Davis didn’t look exactly like the advertised “franchise player” after the 2020 title.

In addition to injuries, people wonder if Davis really has the talent to lead the Angelinos in the next few years. A cruel observation although understandable after several seasons. We can imagine that the coming campaign will be decisive, especially in the event of new injuries. Also, Darvin Ham has no plans to make it easy for him. AD will indeed have a new position: that of pivot.

He knows I don’t want to put him in a situation where he gets outplayed or isn’t able to play his best basketball. But I like to use it in a more offensive way. History to bring out the interiors of the painting. Everything will be fine for him.

A decisive season for Anthony Davis, who must prove that he is able to maintain good health, while lining up the big benefits. Suffice to say that many fans still have serious doubts about this possibility. It’s up to the player to shut a few mouths on this campaign now…

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