La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis, fait l'objet d'une rumeur surprenante ces dernières heures

“Anthony Davis against him, it’s the ideal trade”



At his best, Anthony Davis is undoubtedly one of the best players in the league, capable of making the difference on both sides of the floor. Only here, it’s been a while since the interior drags injuries, preventing him from exploiting his potential. Another failed season, and you shouldn’t be surprised to find it in trade rumors. The latest even sends him to the Eastern Conference side.

The Lakers will be playing big next year, with every intention of winning the title after last year’s fiasco. Russell Westbrook may be in this roster, which is not yet done given the trade rumors. He could land at the Pacers, or at the Nets, even if no agreement is reached for the moment, a month before the resumption of training camp. LeBron James ? He will be there, and determined to win a fifth ring before retirement.

Nevertheless, and despite being one of the best in the league, the Angelinos’ season will not rely on him, not entirely anyway. As Darvin Ham has already announced, it is Anthony Davis who will have the keys to his team. We know how much he can shine offensively and defensively, which makes him a major element, which will change the outcome of this campaign. Injuries, and the Lakers can forget the ring.

Anthony Davis traded? The crazy rumor

But in the event of new physical glitches, we may wonder about the future of Davis in the City of Angels. He remains an exceptional player, not questioning his qualities, but the fact that he struggles to stay healthy. Often in the infirmary with the Pelicans, Unibrow did not improve his reputation last year with major injuries.

For an executive, who recently spoke to Sean Deveney, we must foresee the possibility of trading Davis in the near future. His destination? The Eastern Conference:

If that trade happens, which obviously doesn’t, would be to send Davis somewhere he wants to go. His main destination is Chicago, because he comes from there. Some players don’t want to play in their hometown, but I know AD would be open to that idea. He’s talked about it before.

We are still far from a trade of course, but nothing should be ruled out if Davis misses. The latter is supposed to take over from LeBron, and we want to say that it starts now. What should the Purple and Gold do if the old Pelican is unable to assume his responsibilities? Still according to the same source, a Zach LaVine would be perfect in exchange:

I’m not saying a trade is going to happen, but the Lakers could get a Zach LaVine back against AD. You allow players to evolve where they really want. It will have to wait until January, but it is a deal that would make a lot of sense for Davis, at least if there is a change of team.

For now, there is no doubt that the Lakers want to continue with Anthony Davis. But if the defeats are linked, and the interior squats the infirmary? Doubt is allowed, because it is not the first time that this has happened. It’s not a pivotal season, but almost, with a Davis who should reassure.

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