Anthony Bourbon (Feed), the entrepreneur who has come a long way

Anthony Bourbon (Feed), the entrepreneur who has come a long way



Impossible to separate the adventure of the creation of Feed from the personality of its founder. At 34, this Bordeaux native from a disadvantaged background attests that there is never any fatality.

Values ​​built the hard way

A violent father, a depressed mother, a difficult childhood… Anthony Bourbon finds himself on the street, homeless and destitute at the age of sixteen. It doesn’t matter, he must and he absolutely wants to get out of it and accepts all the little jobs he can take while continuing his school career and law studies, earning a master’s degree in private law with a corporate finance option.

He has no a priori on what he is going to do, no sector in sight in particular, the main thing is to manage to get out of it even if everything is difficult and bad choices are at hand. . What makes it hold? His youth of course and a conviction anchored in the body, no matter where you come from, success is possible. No defeatism, no self-pity. However, we will have to wait, the small failures accumulate, the experience is built. Under these conditions, it was impossible to eat regularly, so Anthony Bourbon began to prepare shaker recipes at home to meet his nutritional needs without wasting time.

Feed, of course!

Finally, after trying his hand at real estate, selling cars or watches, he told himself that the solution was already in his life, nutrition. In 2017, at the age of 29, Anthony Bourbon created the company Feed, and its nutrition solutions for any time of the day. He manages to convince investors and carries out a first fundraising of 500,000 euros, followed by several others, going up to 40 million in total.

Feed sales are on the rise, with more than one million “meals” per month in some 4,000 points of sale in Europe. Anthony Bourbon wants practical products. They come in the form of bars and shakers that meet different needs, for example slimming or high protein, the same goes for snacks that can be eaten at any time of the day. A team of 50 nutrition experts develop and sell these products which are intended to be healthy and consumable anywhere.

In short, what Anthony Bourbon would have liked to find and which corresponds to a more general expectation. The proof is that at the launch, more than 10,000 pre-orders had been registered.

Thanks covid!

Yet the rediscovery of homemade during the pandemic casts doubts on the offer. Times are tough and Feed loses half of its turnover. The manager therefore decided to review the offer, refocusing it on more specific targets, sports and well-being, and a few more gourmet snacks. It also reduces fixed costs, going from 100 to 50 people. He says it, the crisis was actually an opportunity, even a chance for Feed.

It was an opportunity to review the internal mode of operation, and taking the time to reflect, Anthony Bourbon realizes that Feed is overstructured, with poorly established positions of responsibility. With hindsight, he even thinks that the startup probably did not need so many fundraisers so quickly. A new, healthier Feed is born from the crisis, which has reached financial equilibrium for the first time since its creation thanks to this space of time where everything has stopped.

“Who wants to be my partner? »

The company is now valued at 200 million euros and the entrepreneur is focusing on brand awareness, without expensive advertising campaigns.

Juror in “Who wants to be my partner? on M6, Anthony is also a venture capitalist. He has already invested in a good forty young shoots. Thanks to his experience, he generally intervenes in the seed phase during the first or second fundraising and also accompanies the start-up by opening up his address book. He has notably invested in Respire (organic natural deodorant), Caption (purchase resale of shares), Louis (French sustainable wooden furniture), My Joly Candle (French candles), or Veeto (premium food for dogs). The spirit of conquest is definitely contagious.

Claudio Flouvat

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