anecdotes of players special playoffs

anecdotes of players special playoffs




Stephen Curry, the three-time MVP of the season

Author of an exceptional season, where he became the best three-point scorer in NBA history, dethroning Ray Allen, Stephen Curry ended it in style with a new championship title. Individually, he also made an impression by winning three MVP titles in this exercise: MVP of the All-Star Game, first MVP of the Western Conference final (after the conf final against the Mavericks), the famous Magic Johnson trophy , but also and above all MVP of the finals, an award he lacked. He only missed the most prestigious of MVP titles, that of the regular season, recovered in his stable in Serbia by Nikola Jokic (a very funny scene).

Steph Curry’s record is therefore crazy: 4 NBA titles, 2 times MVP, 2 times top scorer, 8 times All-Star, 8 times in the First Team of an NBA season. Curry wrote his story with great talent.

Note that during the finals, he also made an impression by slamming a game with more than 40 points, disgusting the Celtics. At 34, he became the third oldest player to achieve such a performance behind Michael Jordan and LeBron James (both 35).

Basketball player Al Horford's Playoffs card on the NBA 2K22 MyTeam game.


Al Horford ends the curse

No one believed in the return to grace of strong winger Al Horford who found his place in the Celtics after years of wandering. He even did better, composing an excellent interior duo with Robert Williams, one of the best in the league. By reaching the final against the Warriors, Horford, very valuable in the playoffs, above all broke an improbable curse. After breaking his teeth three times in the conference final against LeBron’s Cavs, Horford ended … 141 playoff games without reaching the grand final. Never seen ! He leaves the title of “I really have no luck” to Paul Millsap and his 130 games. He well deserved an Antimatter card offered with the playoff challenges. Horford, a great gentleman of the 2021-2022 financial year. Deserved!

Basketball player Jayson Tatum's 99 Takeoff card on NBA 2K22 MyTeam.


Jayson Tatum, early king

Winner of the inaugural Larry Bird MVP award for his performance in the Western Conference Finals, Jayson Tatum impressed even more. The one who is regularly compared to Kevin Durant continues to progress and assume a leadership role in the truly attractive Celtics. We often forget that he is very young since he is not yet 25 years old. During this campaign, he became the player under 25 to have played the most playoff games, dethroning LeBron James and his 61 games… He was also fabulous in points and assists in these games but he went through some games against the Warriors. Tatum already has everything a great.

American basketball player Jaylen Brown's 99 Playoffs card on NBA 2K22 MyTeam.

At the time of writing this article, many rumors announce a possible trade between the Celtics and the Nets for the arrival of Kevin Durant in Boston. Jaylen Brown is concerned by all these rumors, like Marcus Smart elsewhere. It’s a shame because the two players have been remarkable this season and have played an absolutely decisive role in the crazy second half of the year for the Celtics. Proof of Brown’s talent: he made a crazy perf against Miami in the conference final as he became the first player to score 40 points at 100% from 2 points since the 1954-1955 season. Something you don’t see often! Let’s hope for him that he doesn’t land in Brooklyn where he could find a player he hates, Kyrie Irving, with whom things went very badly when the two played together in Boston…

Luka Doncic's 99 Mystic card on the NBA 2K22 MyTeam basketball simulation game.

Doncic Mystic, exceptional card

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Luka Doncic rewrites Mavs history

We could write tons about Doncic and his once again completely amazing season. Even if the Mavs had talent to spare (Brunson, Finney-Smith), we only saw the small Slovenian phenomenon who should take control of the league after the departure of icons LeBron, Curry and Durant. It is written. He is the great architect of Dallas’ great season and this is the occasion for a little anecdote about them: the last time they won a series in the playoffs, it was with the great Nowitzki. Doncic was only 12 then and LeBron was chasing his first ring. Decidedly, this Slovenian changes everything. Know that you can have a slew of cards on Luka since the release of a series in season 8 with two end game cards, an invincible and the excellent card Mystic considered the best for a leader on the game.

Basketball player Victor Oladipo's 85 Dynamic Ratings card on NBA 2K22 MyTeam.

Gone are the days when player/rapper Victor Oladipo was a Pacers franchise player and one of the league’s big media stars. Transfers, a rather big melon, injuries and here he is now playing second fiddle in Miami. But Oladipo still has some under the hood. In Game 4 against the Celtics, he was on the bench, as he often does, but he stood out. While the 5 major took on water, Oladipo scored 23 points, against 18 for all of the 5 players lined up at the start of the game! It is quite simply the first time in the history of the playoffs that a substitute has scored more than all the starting players combined.

Jonathan Kuminga's 99 Playoffs card on NBA 2K22 MyTeam.

Warriors rookie Jonathan Kuminga

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Warriors, the exceptional comeback

Since the departure of Kevin Durant and the injuries of the splash brothers, especially those of Klay, the Warriors drank the cup, chaining 2 catastrophic seasons after the title lost against the Raptors. Nobody saw them as good this year, even if after the fact, many will say the opposite. It must be said that statistically, what Steve Kerr players do is rare, very rare. Since the NBA swallowed the ABA (70s), only 8 teams absent from the playoffs the previous year went to the grand final in stride. This was the case for Bill Walton’s Blazers in 1977, with the title as a bonus, but also for the two finalists of 2020 (Lakers and Heat) or the Suns in 2021. By winning against the Celtics, the Warriors are part of the 4 teams to have won the title after a white season in the back of the cellar. Hat. This justifies that the entire workforce, or almost, has a Playoffs card, including a lot of Antimatter.

Basketball player Steve Kerr's 78 card on NBA 2K22 Myteam.

Steve Kerr in the Bulls days

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Too much drama for Steve Kerr

Let’s end this article with a subject of absolute sadness but which marked during these playoffs. On May 22, after the defeat of his Warriors against the Mavericks, coach Steve Kerr did not have his head at all in basketball at a press conference. The United States was bereaved by the horrific massacre in the elementary school of Ulvade in Texas, claiming the lives of 19 young children and 2 teachers. At the microphone, Kerr did not hide his emotion, his tears and his rage. A very poignant rage and a message so strong that it has gone around the world.

Steve Kerr has always been committed to the societal issues that cause so much suffering in his country. By conviction and by his past. When he was 18, in 1984, his father, Malcolm Kerr, president of the American University of Beirut, was shot dead by terrorists in Lebanon. This tragic event brought him closer to Michael Jordan, who experienced a similar tragedy on July 23, 1993, his father having been shot on a small road in North Carolina.

Klay Thompshon's 99 Invincible card in NBA 2K22's MyTeam mode.

Klay excellent since his return

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We’ll be back soon for more stories about the players you regularly use on MyTeam.

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