Andre Iguodala talks about Russell Westbrook and settles his accounts!

Andre Iguodala talks about Russell Westbrook and settles his accounts!



Disappointing for a few seasons, but especially his arrival at the Lakers, Russell Westbrook is often criticized. This is the case by fans, journalists, but sometimes by other players. A rookie hadn’t hesitated to tackle her, involuntarily at least, but Andre Iguodala didn’t like it. The veteran decided to make a point in this file.

Will leave, will leave? Difficult to know if Russell Westbrook will be traded in the coming weeks. The leader is haggled by the Lakers, with the Nets or the Pacers, but impossible to find a satisfactory agreement. Nothing suggests that Rob Pelinka will succeed in unblocking the situation today, which means that Brodie could return at the start of the school year. A scenario anticipated by LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who have already made things clear.

The priority is the team. Whether Westbrook returns for lack of an agreement for a trade, he will have to give maximum on the floor, while respecting the requests of Darvin Ham. We know that the new manager likes to focus on defense, which is not a favorite area for Russ. Whatever happens, the critics will be out for the former Thunder player, who is less and less respected across the league.

Russell Westbrook defended by a Warrior!

Journalists do not hesitate to attack the leader, but we cannot say that it is undeserved given his last campaign and his attitude. It’s problematic when it comes to other players, like the Spurs rookie, who dropped a big disrespect. That says a lot about what some are thinking, and let’s just say Andre Iguodala doesn’t like it. In his latest podcast, the Warrior got pissed off.

Another person who fell into this drama is Russell Westbrook. It’s the same conversation. All possible trades with Russ have already been leaked, but he still hasn’t been traded. Suddenly, people start to make fun of him, we even see that young people in this league disrespect his name. Because people accept the fact that the media criticizes our players like this.

A nickname that comes up more and more? Westbrick, in reference to his bad shot. This particularly annoys Westbrook, and obviously other players. A blatant lack of respect, which Iguodala can no longer bear. We can understand the veteran, who would like a little respect for the Laker, especially given what he has accomplished in the past. It is not a question of praising him after his bad season, but of showing a little restraint.

The reason for hope for players? Ham’s arrival. The coach wants to revive the leader, to the point that he categorically refuses a trade. It’s not him who has the last word obviously, but it’s a strong gesture for Russ. The latter is desired in the City of Angels, which must please him. It’s up to him to seize this opportunity now.

Russell Westbrook receives support with Andre Igudoala, who can no longer stand this lack of respect. We can understand it, especially since the Laker has been very discreet since the end of the season. It’s up to him to return to the courts at the start of the school year, with the firm intention of silencing a few people with his performances.

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