La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis, a livré une importante update sur l'état de santé de son coéquipier, LeBron James, soumis au protocole Covid de la ligue depuis quelques heures

An ex-All-Star swings, LeBron and Davis in the sauce!



Despite a clear decline for two seasons, the Lakers are still talking about them, especially because of the Russell Westbrook case. As such, a former league star wanted to clear the Brodie, and attack LeBron James and Anthony Davis!

By getting a third star last summer, the Lakers’ plan seemed obvious. Faced with the setbacks encountered during the 2020-21 season, recruiting a player capable of leading the team’s attack, and reducing the workload of the other two leaders was one of the leaders’ priorities. Unfortunately, the latter may regret the casting error they made in attracting Russell Westbrook.

Despite his obvious qualities, which he continued to display over his first 13 NBA campaigns, the Brodie never found the solution alongsideAnthony Davis and LeBron James. Result of the races: the Angelinos have delivered an even worse season than the previous one, and are now looking at all costs to get rid of their flagship leader. However, the latter would not be the main culprit in this case according to a former All-Star.

Stephon Marbury comes to the aid of Russell Westbrook

Having become a scapegoat in Los Angeles, Westbrook has found little support in the league or in the media in recent weeks. Rare are indeed the big names who dare to defend it publicly, even if some exceptions can be noted from time to time. After a frame from the Warriors locker roomit was Stephon Marbury who came to his aid during his recent stint in the Ryen Russillo Podcast :

Who is supposed to make the adjustments? He’s the best player on the team. If they brought him in after watching him play, after looking at his game and after playing against him, they have to allow Russell to do what he knows how to do. LeBron and Davis knew who Russell Westbrook was before he came along. They can’t be as smart as basketball players, and not know what they were picking up, who they were going to play with. Again, who is supposed to make the adjustments? The blame cannot be placed on Russell Westbrook.

For Starbury, the wrongs would not even be shared in this file, but would fall entirely on LeBron and AD. According to him, they were the ones who had the responsibility of facilitating the integration of Westbrook, and letting him play as he always did. A speech that is likely to cause debate in the NBA community, for two very distinct reasons.

First of all, some will believe that it was Russ who had to adapt to his new teammates, and not the other way around. A mission he never managed to complete. Finally, letting him develop his game seemed impossible from the start, since LeBron’s is getting too close to it for the two men not to step on each other’s toes. The fault then lies with the front office of the Lakers for their recruitment strategy doomed to failure.

Regardless of the challenges he may receive, Stephon Marbury is convinced that Russell Westbrook has nothing to blame himself for in the sinking of the Lakers. Good luck to the former Knick to make Purple & Gold fans accept this!

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