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An Eastern star ready to go to the clash to get his contract?



While the majority of players have been awarded their contracts, not all have. In the East, the Collin Sexton file remains very thorny for the Cavaliers, to the point that a clash could take place in the coming weeks, if the leader does not have what he wants. It must be said that Rich Paul is not really known for joking at the time of negotiations.

While we are still waiting for trades in the coming weeks, it would not be surprising to see Collin Sexton’s name appear several times. For the moment, the leader still hopes to find an agreement with the Cavaliers, but given the passage of time, it is likely that a clash will emerge very quickly. Indeed, and since the beginning of the summer, the two parties have not been able to reach an agreement for a contract extension.

Sexton, who averaged more than 20 points at Ohio in the past, had to deal with a serious meniscus injury. He hardly played last year, and finished his season at home, recovering from his operation. Cleveland benefits, since the front office refuses to give him a big contract for two reasons: the risk of a relapse, but also the fact that the market is empty. No one is interested in Sexton, at the moment anyway.

Upcoming trade for the Cavaliers?

Logic for the leaders, who have no reason to give a big contract to Sexton, knowing full well that he has no offers. As you can imagine, the interested party believes that he deserves a nice salary, around 20 million per year according to some sources. This soap opera could quickly head for a clash, knowing that Sexton is represented by…Rich Paul, yes, the same agent as LeBron James.

According to Chris Fedor, quite close to the Cavaliers, we have to prepare for everything in the coming weeks:

Rich Paul is known across the league for being a tough negotiator. He fights for his clients and to get what he wants. He is known to negotiate during the summer, but if necessary, even beyond training camp, which will start quite late in September. But a good ending is unlikely for Sexton. He needs to rebuild his market value after a serious knee injury.

Sexton is not in a strong position, that’s for sure. The Cavaliers are probably ready to let him go, rather than give him a big contract after such a serious injury. The leader will have only two choices: refuse to play and take a huge risk, or agree to come back to prove that he deserves such emoluments:

Sexton only played 11 games last year. The only way for him to get the contract he wants, if he doesn’t get it with the Cavs this summer, is to get back on the court and play well.

Rich Paul and Collin Sexton want a big contract from the Cavaliers, but they have no leverage. The point guard is unlikely to get what he wants. We will have to make up our minds in the player’s clan, because nothing is over. A great season next year in Ohio, and we can be sure that a nice contract will be waiting for him at the end.

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