Le prospect NBA et fils de LeBron James, Bronny, a connu un match difficile avec Sierra Canyon

An amazing team positions itself on Bronny James!



Before turning professional, Bronny James still has a few years ahead of him and should notably go through the university box. What college is going to be able to get their hands on him? A name has just emerged among the potential candidates, and it’s a bit surprising.

Whether LeBron James said he wanted to play at least two more seasons, it’s not without reason. The Lakers winger wants the opportunity to witness the debut of his son Bronny, who will be eligible for the draft in 2024. He would even like to play with him, if possible! Before such a scenario can see the light of day, however, the boy must first complete his high school course on the Sierra Canyon side first. And then, unlike his father, he should also integrate the world of the NCAA.

But if several universities have shown great interest by the offspring of the King a few months ago, there have not really been any attempts to seduce him yet. According to Ed Estevan, assistant coach at Sierra Canyon and who spoke to the New York Times, it’s not surprising because Bronny has long left doubts about his future. Was he going to play in college or make the jump to the G-League? Now, however, his choice would be made, enough to encourage recruiters to be more active:

College coaches didn’t make much effort to recruit Bronny until recently because they doubted he was going to college. “Now a lot of coaches know he’s interested in college and that’s where he’ll probably see himself going, so the phone rings all the time now,” Estevan said.

Now, it is therefore a question of determining where the young guard will land. Courses like those of North Carolina, Duke or Kentucky had been mentioned so far, all big names with regard to the parquet floors in particular. However, it is not at all guaranteed that the person concerned joins such a displacement. As pointed out by New York Timesanother much more modest candidate joined the race for him:

Rutgers in the running to recruit Bronny James

One of the schools making an unexpected effort to recruit James is Rutgers, a basketball school. As outlandish as it sounds, Rutgers hopes coach Steve Pikiell’s stellar developmental record — turning under-regarded rookies like Geo Baker, Ron Harper Jr. and Myles Johnson into decorated Big Ten players — has a certain attraction for James.

With 12 wins and 8 losses, the Scarlet Knights finished fourth in their division in 2021-22, reaching the first round of March Madness before losing to Notre Dame. The squad led by coach Pikiell is therefore clearly not one of the leaders, but it turns out that the major universities have already signed up with other prospects, some of whom are even more talented than him. As a result, this possibility should not be immediately ruled out.

Far from the big cars of the NCAA, Rutgers University would still like to try it for Bronny James. Why not, surprising that the King’s son is not guaranteed to end up in a sportingly posh college.

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