Dejounte Murray a réagi à la rumeur de trade l'envoyant à Atlanta

An All-Star teases his trade on social networks!


Dejounte Murray reacted to trade rumor sending him to Atlanta

San Antonio Spurs (DR) / NBA (DR)

To The approach of free agency, more and more rumors will flood the NBA microcosm and plunge players into uncertainty. Finally some players. Because for a very talented young All-Star, the rumors are exciting more than anything else. It looks hot to reach a particular destination.

The NBA is a league that absolutely never sleeps. Just a few days after the Finals brilliantly won by the Warriors against the Celtics, everyone has already moved on. With the Draft this Thursday and the Free Agency fast approaching, leaders are thinking about the different moves to make to improve the workforce.

For example, the Blazers opened hostilities in the transfer market by attracting one of the most sought-after players in the league, and all for a pittance. The loyalty of Damian Lillard could finally be rewarded, and after a few complicated and disappointing seasons, the leader could have the opportunity to regain the heights of the Western Conference.

Dejounte Murray in Atlanta? The All-Star valid!

Beyond this XXL transaction, other rumors are currently agitating the league. For example, it could be that Kyrie Irving is available against all odds, and the Lakers are already on the lookout to offer his services. A reversal of the situation which could also cause the departure of Kevin Durant of the Nets, he who joined the franchise simply for his best friend. Also in the East, another team could hit hard with a big All-Star. The latter is also very interested, he made it clear on Twitter:

Spurs are listening to offers from several franchises for Dejounte Murray, and they’re letting the executives know they’ll need an offer similar to the one the Pelicans received for Jrue Holiday. The most serious discussion was with the Hawks, and it would be John Collins going the other way. The two franchises would have started negotiations as soon as the last trade deadline last February.

Dejounte Murray, a young All-Star who had 21.1 points, 9.2 rebounds and 8.3 rebounds this season, took out the popcorns after getting wind of the rumor sending him to Atlanta. It must be said that he would have a much better chance of going far in the playoffs with a player like Trae Young by his side than in a franchise like the Spurs, which is coming to the end of the cycle. It remains to be seen whether the leaders will succeed in reaching an agreement in the coming hours.

In Atlanta, Dejounte Murray could form one of the best NBA duos with Trae Young, which is bound to be very exciting. This combination of speed, offense and defense should cause many problems for other franchises…

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