amid Great Resignation, Microsoft unveils French people's expectations of their employers and presents VIVA's new features to improve work-life balance – News Center

amid Great Resignation, Microsoft unveils French people’s expectations of their employers and presents VIVA’s new features to improve work-life balance – News Center



90% of French employees believe that they are productive at work

90% of managers say that trusting their employees is a challenge, 5 points more than other managers in the world.

70% of Gen Z/Millennials would stay longer in their company if internal mobility was facilitated;

1 out of 2 French employees has already found themselves in a situation of professional exhaustion;

Issy-Les-Moulineaux, September 22 – Microsoft unveils the results of the last wave of its Work Trend Index 2022 who is interested in employee expectations of their employers. Between productivity and mental health of employees, social interactions at work and loyalty through a career plan, the study provides a key to understanding companies that come up against the trend of the Great Resignation.

The mental health of employees: an issue for their productivity

Today, 90% of French employees believe that they are productive at work (vs. 87% worldwide). From the point of view of managers, the challenge was to maintain this level of productivity when implementing hybrid work: 90% of them also declare that having confidence in their employees is a challenge, i.e. 5 points more than the other managers in the world.

This search for productivity has an impact on the mental health of employees: 49% said they had already found themselves in a situation of burnout. As for managers, 55% of them say they are also concerned by this phenomenon.

Finally, 32% of French employees say that their company asks for their opinion at least once a year, a practice that is more widespread in the rest of the world (43%). But nearly 7 in 10 employees (68%) say their company rarely learns about their well-being at work, 11 points lower than in the rest of the world.

Social interactions at heart back to the office

After two years marked by the rise of hybrid work, Bringing employees back to their workplace has therefore become an issue for the managers of French companies. This is the case for 88% of them, that is 6 points more than their counterparts around the world.

The company’s expectations alone do not constitute a sufficient return lever for 70% of French employees (vs. 73% worldwide), who say they are more motivated by:

  • The promise to create social ties with their colleagues for 86% of them (vs. 84%);
  • The opportunity to find a team spirit for 87% of them (vs. 85%);
  • Or the fact of find friends they made at work for 72% of them (vs. 74%).

Social connection and frequency of presence at the office ultimately prove to be intimately correlated: more 2 out of 3 French people say they would go there more often if they knew that their teams were also presenta figure nevertheless higher on a global scale (73%).

The career plan: a challenge for retaining employees

If social interactions can contribute to the return to the office, the increase in skills to evolve within the company is an issue of employee loyalty. In effect, more than 1 out of 2 French employees declare that there are not enough development opportunities in their company to consider staying there for the long term (54% of French employees vs 56% worldwide). This observation is all the more necessary when one occupies a position at responsibility, since 69% of managers share the same analysis (vs. 68% worldwide). It is therefore not surprising to learn that 54% of French employees say that the best way to develop their skills is to change companies.

For 2 out of 3 employees, internal mobility opportunities contribute at career longevity in companya criterion that is even more important for GenZ employees and Millennials (70% vs 73% overall).

For Jean-Christophe Pitié, COO of Microsoft in Francethis is the time for leaders to listen to their employees and meet their legitimate expectations. I remain convinced that organisations, whether public or private, must continue to play their role as engines of progress. And for that, they have to come to terms with new ways of working that this editing of the Work Trend Index 2022. At Microsoft, we are there to support them in this change and offer them suitable solutions, in particular with VIVA, the platform dedicated to the employee experience”.

Find the full study here

In order to meet the challenges of companies in terms of well-being at work, productivity and loyalty of their employees, Microsoft presents the new features added to the Microsoft Viva suite which will be available in the coming months:

  • The arrival of Viva Pulse, a new application that allows managers and team leaders to obtain regular and confidential feedback from their employees through micro surveys available in the Teams workflow.
  • Microsoft is also announcing Viva Amplify, a new application that allows leaders to share their messages with employees and motivate them. Communication processes are thus centralized in a single space, allowing messages to be published simultaneously on several channels, campaigns to be managed and results to be studied. Viva Amplify offers also writing tips to help messages from every part of the organization (leadership, corporate communications, HR).
  • On the side of Viva Engage, the Leadership Corner made his appearance. It allows managers to establish an open dialogue through information sharing, “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) events, surveys, etc. They can create, promote and launch these activities from a single place, but also collect the feelings of employees.
  • Viva Learning is now integrated with LinkedIn, with the LinkedIn Learning Hub. This integration will allow employees to seamlessly navigate both systems. And, for training administrators, all content from the LinkedIn Learning Hub will appear in Viva Learning, including content specific to each organization.
  • A new experience is launched: Answers in Microsoft Viva, a new internal research tool. Answers in Viva uses AI to surface similar questions that have already been answered, recommend topics and experts who can provide additional information, and highlight the best solutions. The app works with Viva Topics and Viva Engage to identify and incentivize experts to contribute their own knowledge, and rewards people who contribute to the knowledge base through gamification.

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Survey methodology:

Survey conducted online by Edelman Data & Intelligence from July 7 to August 2, 2022, among 2,000 employees in each of the 10 selected countries (France, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, India and Japan). The samples chosen represent a diversity of demographics, work environments, industries, company sizes, seniority and employment levels.

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