All about master's training and specializations

All about master’s training and specializations



Are you looking for a great school in order to obtain your master’s degree and train in a specialization? So you have come to the right article. At ESDES, you will benefit from tailor-made support and innovative courses so that you can succeed in your studies and ensure your professional life. To know everything about this great school, follow the guide.

ESDES: what is it exactly?

ESDES or Higher School for Economic and Social Development is a 100% French private higher education school. It was created in 1987 at the Catholic University of Lyon. This business and management school has many programs that meet international standards. Which makes it the school par excellence, because it offers the possibility of having a diploma approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, namely the Bac+5 as well as the Master’s degree.

Its objective is to train managers who give a point of honor to the emergence of the responsible economy. To do this, students join a general 1st cycle and follow a Master’s cycle which will allow them to specialize in a given field and a possibility of opening up to the international scene.

ESDES: what about master’s training?

In the Master’s cycle, students can choose their specialization course directly and then become an expert in this field. This specialization takes place over 2 years which is divided into a year of internship in the future profession in line with the specialization or 2 years of work-study experience. You must also complete an internship of at least 6 months outside the work-study program abroad or in a partner university of the school.

Courses that will undoubtedly offer students a double international diploma or a double skill. Note that this Grande Ecole program allows students to obtain a diploma approved by the Minister of Higher Education and Research and a professional certification registered with the RNCP – Level 7 (Bac+5).

ESDES: specializations

The ESDES has a total of 13 specializations divided into 5 main categories with courses regularly revised by a committee of teachers and professionals in order to comply with the standards in force. We thus find specializations in finance, including Expertise & Control – work-study, Audit and Corporate Finance, Finance and Markets; Marketing specializations include Marketing and digital business – initial and Marketing and digital business – work-study. There are also specializations in business & management where students can choose between Development and entrepreneurship or Management and business strategy – work-study or HR, Digital and Business Partner – work-study. At the level of specializations in international business, we find the International Business Administration as well as the International Supply Chain Management. For the double skills mentioned above, know that ESDES also has this specialization. Students have the choice between Ethical Management of Biotechnological Innovations – work-study, Management, Human Sciences and Innovation – work-study or Management and Industrial Engineering – work-study.

The advantage of these specializations is that the courses are à la carte to better help students train. Moreover, there are many internships with meetings in companies. Students will thus be able to gradually enter the professional world and learn about the challenges of their specializations.

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