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Your bank statement may sometimes contain debits that seem unclear to you, for example the FR17ZZZ100293 BNP Paribas PF direct debit. This SEPA direct debit is normally linked to the repayment of a credit. We answer your questions before sharing the steps to follow to stop this movement, if it turns out to be abusive.

Why do you have a FR17ZZZ100293 BNP Paribas PF direct debit on your account?

The debit entitled “BNP Paribas PF direct debit” under the SEPA identifier FR17ZZZ100293 on your account statement corresponds to the personal loan payment which you normally have subscribed to BNP Personal Finance.

It should be noted that BNP works with several brands and offers through them a multitude of credit formulas. Thus, if you have subscribed to one of its partners, when using your card, you will always be asked for the option of cash or credit purchase. Choosing the credit option gives rise to SEPA BNP PF direct debits.

Therefore, if you have contracted for a line of credit or made purchases on credit (deliberately or by default) by means of a card (VISA, Mastercard) at the following brands, the movement on your account is completely normal:

  • AIM
  • CORA
  • Fly
  • Housing France
  • Lapeyre
  • Houses of the world
  • Midas
  • Mr DIY
  • Pix Hall
  • pulse

However, if you do not remember such purchases or a subscription to any personal loan, your doubt is then justified and you must notify your bank so that it blocks these dubious transactions.

direct debit FR17ZZZ100293 BNP Paribas PF

Important note: check that you are not in one of these cases

Before contacting your manager to request opposition to the BNP Personal Finance direct debit that you consider fraudulent, make sure that these situations do not explain the debits on your account:

The facts of your spouse

  • Your husband or wife may have asked BNP Personal Finance to consolidate all of your consumer loans.
  • He or she may also have taken out a consumer loan without informing you.
  • Finally, he or she may have released a BNP PF revolving credit by mistake, but the latter had already been repaid in full.

The other possibilities

  • You have recently made purchases from one of the BNP Personal Finance partners (see the list above) and you have chosen the option of payment in instalments.
  • You have made a request to defer your monthly payments for the repayment of your credit.
  • BNP Personal has offered you the repurchase of credit: your various loans with other financial institutions have been grouped together in this same loan company.

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The wording of the BNP Paribas PF direct debit on your statement

This direct debit normally corresponds to the amount of your purchases or your monthly payment for the repayment of a credit and can be displayed under several labels on your bank statement:

  • Prlv BNP Paribas PF
  • BNP Paribas PF DEBIT
  • BNP Personal Finance Prlvt SEPA
  • Loan SEPA BNP PF
  • Prlvt SEPA BNP CETELEM (or any other brand name partner of BNP Personal Finance)

Who is BNP Personal Finance?

BNP Personal Finance is a subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group created in 1952 and is the leader in personal financing in Europe. Present in more than 30 countries, it offers financing solutions based on 2 missions:

  • Help households access budgets for their projects
  • Meet the specific needs of its partner companies.

It thus offers a range of credit, savings and insurance products, whatever the customer profile. Also a forerunner of online credit, the solutions it offers are also available on mobile applications, in stores, at car dealerships or in its customer assistance centers.

The firm now has more than 20 million individual customers and 20,000 partners. The 3 core businesses of BNP Personal Finance are:

Personal credits

  • Consumer credit to finance the purchase of a car, work in your home, the acquisition of computer equipment, household appliances or even to make your trips.
  • The revolving or revolving credit which is a capital which is gradually reconstituted in parallel with the repayments.
  • The repurchase of credit: to take advantage of a single monthly payment supporting all of your loans.
  • The mortgage for the acquisition of your main or secondary residence or to embark on rental investment.
  • Short-term credit or payment facilities that can range from 1 to 3 months.
  • The credit card under the name of the partner brand in the distribution which gives you the possibility of paying for your purchases, whatever their nature, on credit in cash or in cash.
  • And finally, leasing, which is a long-term rental opening up the possibility of acquiring a vehicle at the end of the lease.

Other BNP Paribas PF products

BNP Paribas Personal Finance also offers savings solutions such as:

  • The savings account which gives access to immediately available funds which can be reimbursed all at once or monthly.
  • The term account whose capital remains blocked until a date specified in your contract. The rate of remuneration is fixed as soon as the agreement is signed.

Finally, the establishment sells multipurpose insurance products:

  • unemployment insurance
  • Death or disability insurance
  • The mutual
  • home insurance
  • car insurance
  • The replacement value of the vehicle in the event of a claim
  • Means of payment insurance
  • Warranty extensions

How to stop the BNP Paribas PF direct debit?

To stop BNP Personal Finance direct debits, you must first resolve the ambiguous situations mentioned above (see the section “Important note: check that you are not in one of these cases”) by contacting the right person (your spouse or a BNP PF adviser depending on your case). If you do not find yourself in one of these possibilities mentioned, your only option remains the termination of your loan with BNP Paribas.

To end your consumer credit contract so that you no longer have a monthly payment, you must contact BNP to find out the amount of capital remaining due of your loan.

You must then send a check for this value, mentioning your wish to repay your BNP Personal Finance loan.

You can also oppose the related SEPA direct debit by making a request to your bank manager. However, we do not recommend this action if you haven’t settled your credit yet with BNP. In fact, it could harm you.

direct debit FR17ZZZ100293 BNP Paribas PF

How to contact BNP Paribas PF?

Below is the official address of the headquarters of BNP Paribas Personal Finance:

1 Boulevard Haussmann

75009 PARIS

You can also contact the customer service advisers by telephone on 09 69 32 75 02 from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Go to the company’s website to access its contact page.

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