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Alain Lacroix, President of Région Sud Investissement: “We are not dictated by an internal rate of return”



Les Nouvelles Publications: What sets you apart the most from other investors in the marketplace?

Alain Lacroix:Région Sud Investissement is a management company with a single shareholder, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region, which exercises its activity only in the area of ​​competence of the Region. Its method of financing is mixed and is shared between its shareholder and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Unlike other market players, it is therefore a institutional fund. What allows us to intervene where private actors do not go or go very little. We are mainly present on the capital risk and we are also involved in development capital.

If we are not dictated by an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and if it is not uncommon for an institutional fund to lose money, Région Sud Investissement has set itself an ambition: to be in balance. And we will get there.

Why advise an entrepreneur looking for funds to turn to Région Sud Investissement?

The first reason is our presence at stages of development of the company where the other actors intervene little. Added to this is the fact that as an institutional fund, we are a demanding shareholder, but not obsessed with profitability.

It should also be noted that being selected by Région Sud Investissement lends credibility to the company manager’s project and attracts other investors. Especially since we intervene each time in co-investment with a private actor.

What do you bring to the entrepreneur who has turned to you?

We bring money, advice and a lot of kindness. Our goal is for the entrepreneur’s project to reach maturity. When society is able to fly on its own, our role is to withdraw.

Our team is made up of finance professionals. I am a former banker, Pierre Joubert, the managing director, is a private equity professional and a fine connoisseur of the world of new technologies. We also have in our team Jean-Philippe Rebuttini, Sabine Maffei and Marie-Stéphane de Cérou from private equity.

Finally, our investment committee has been strengthened with seniors benefiting from solid entrepreneurial experience. And of course, Valérie Roché-Melin, Secretary General, who has been there since the beginning of the fund. We are well equipped to compete with the best.

The reputation of Région Sud Investissement seems well established.

Our level of attractiveness is very good and we are delighted. We owe this visibility to our various operations and actions relayed in the press, but also to Ambition Capital, which campaigns for the place of private equity in our region to be known and recognized.

Funder’s advice:The job of a capital investor is very different from that of a banker. It is important to fully understand the philosophy of the structure to which you wish to turn and to take an interest in the skills of its teams. »

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