Bronny James, star du circuit high school et prospect NBA, ferait l'objet d'un gros démarchage d'une équipe inattendue

After Paris, Bronny James seen in a mythical place!



Currently in Europe, Bronny James takes the opportunity to visit the most prestigious places of the Old Continent. Passing through Paris recently, the King’s son followed up with a leading historical site in Italy. That’s called having a good time!

The sons of NBA players are always followed when they walk in the footsteps of their fathers, but few are those who receive as much attention as Bronny James. What could be more normal after all, since he is the offspring of LeBron, considered one of the very best orange ball athletes in history. Although he will only be able to join the big league in two years and has not even started his university course yet, the 17-year-old boy is already the darling of the media.

It must be said that in addition to his surname, the person concerned also has something to please on the floors. He obviously doesn’t yet have the monstrous physical size of the Chosen One, but it’s a fact: Bronny was rather spoiled by nature, as far as his athletic qualities are concerned. He proved it once again not long ago in Paris, passing through with his California Basketball Club, by unleashing a monstrous punk which is reminiscent of LBJ in its infancy. Enough to weave a little more a parallel between them!

However, the guy can no longer be seen in France, since he is currently on tour across Europe. The CBC will thus play matches in Italy, then in England before returning to the country. So that’s why Bronny is currently in Rome, with his next meeting taking place on August 18. While waiting to be able to show his talents on the courts, he decided to play the tourist. For this, he notably went to the mythical Colosseum:

Bronny James visiting the Colosseum in Rome

In a way, visiting this historic place is just the thing for the Laker son. After all, this is where gladiators came to fight in the days of the Roman Empire, a context that can be modernized through the prism of the NBA. The big league is a real jungle in which you have to fight like hell, in order to stay there as long as possible. Being a “son of” is not always a guarantee of success, and he knows this perfectly well.

Before thinking about his professional career, however, there is first the NCAA circuit which will await him, he who will be eligible for it in 2023. For the moment, we do not yet know for which university he will play, he who seems to prioritize such a scenario over the G-League. A rumor has hit the headlines recently, but LeBron himself immediately counterattacked. We will therefore have to wait a while longer before getting the end of the story.

While waiting to shine on the pitch in Rome, Bronny James is having fun visiting the great monuments of the Eternal City. If he can put out a great performance again, his hype will only escalate further before he and the California Basketball Club head to London.

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