La star NBA des Charlotte Hornets, Miles Bridges, fait l'objet d'une grosse polémique à l'heure actuelle, face à laquelle ses dirigeants ont décidé de faire un choix fort

After Miles Bridges, yet another player arrested by the police!



So that the season is a few hours away from officially resuming, a franchise may have to do without a nugget. Indeed, after the huge Miles Bridges scandal, another player was arrested by the police, but for much less serious facts. As luck would have it, it’s a Hornet.

A few months ago, and for the second consecutive season, the Hornets were humiliated in play-in, all with a rather surprising nonchalance… So inevitably, we could have expected an ambitious off-season to rectify the situation and allow LaMelo Ball to show what he was capable of in high-stakes encounters. Knowing the competitive spirit of Michael Jordanit was probably his will.

The concern is that the franchise has just gone through one of the worst offseasons of all time… It all started with the arrest of Miles Bridges for domestic violence. Several months after the fact, the images swung by his ex-girlfriend are still as disturbing as ever, and it’s not likely to find a franchise any time soon. At 24, we could even speak of the end of his career.

Another Hornet stopped by the police!

That’s not all, since Charlotte also saw Montrezl Harrell leave without compensation, and the only notable signing, besides that of Théo Maledon, is that of the always very disappointing Dennis Smith Jr.. The Hornets are weaker than the year last, and they will not even be able to count on the expected progress of James Bouknight, freshly arrested by the police!

James Bouknight was arrested yesterday. Sources tell me it’s related to drunk driving, possibly with other charges. The worst offseason in the world continues.

After the Miles Bridges scandal, the Hornets have been hit with one more arrest, which is less than ideal with days to go. Charlotte finally had to turn a corner and aim for more than a shameful elimination in play-in, but it is ultimately the race for Victor Wembanyama who could wait for LaMelo Ball and his teammates… In any case for Internet users, the culprit is all found:

Gordon Hayward is the worst veteran in NBA history.

The Hornets were expected to show progress this season, with a possible Top 8 spot in the East, but ultimately a whole other race could await the franchise. And when we see the arrests that follow one another, we hope for Victor Wembanyama that he will fall into a environment healthier.

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