La légende NBA Shaquille O'Neal a livré le fond de sa pensée sur l'avenir de John Wall aux Los Angeles Clippers

After huge disappointment, Shaquille O’Neal claims cash on John Wall



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Arrived full of hope at the Clippers, John Wall recently learned some very bad news about his future in the franchise. Shaquille O’Neal rightly spoke about the case of the leader, as usual without filter!

Known and renowned for its drama, the NBA and its fans enjoy stories of comeback and redemption. From then on, the entire landscape of the league rejoices when a former headliner fallen into oblivion suddenly rises from its ashes. A scenario of the genre also occurred during the offseason, and saw John Wall find service with a cador of the Western Conference.

Dismissed from the young rotation of the Rockets last year, the former All-Star took his troubles patiently, waiting to find an agreement around a buyout. Freed from any contract, he was thus able to join the Clippers at low cost, adorned with a huge dose of confidence and with the firm intention of proving that he has not lost all his talent. Unfortunately, even before having really started, his adventure is already turning sour.

Back to the wall, John Wall supported by Shaquille O’Neal

Despite his pedigree and his fierce desire to do well in his new colors, Wall should not immediately be propelled to the first rank in his team. It is in any case the noise that has been circulating about him in recent hours, and who has reason to overwhelm him. A hypothesis in which Shaquille O’Neal does not believe, who announced in his Big Podcast rather expect to see the leader boosted by this treatment:

I think he really wants to show everyone that he can still perform. If there’s one thing you can say about John Wall, it’s that he’s a dog. Cut off a dog in a corner, and he’ll bite. He’s not going to let it go.

God knows how entrenched the former Wizard has been in recent months, as Shaq recalls:

The fact that all the other franchises told him, “Yeah, well, you’re John Wall, but you’re too old, we prefer to play young people, so stay at home”, that probably led him to lose self-confidence, to the point of having to ask for help. And I hope he got the help he was looking for.

Wall indeed seems to have found the resources and the intermediaries necessary to return to the front of the stage, and this, despite some very dark periods. As such, he seems sufficiently armed to fight at the Clippers, and convince Tyronn Lue to give him a full chance. In any case, this is what Shaq asks the coach:

John Wall is from the old school. The new school is all about passing the ball, and doing pick-and-pops. But if he has the ball in his hands and Ty Lue gives him the freedom to play his game, he will shine.

Convinced that John Wall still has gas in the tank, Shaquille O’Neal does not think that his benching will be detrimental to him. On the contrary, he believes that the leader will sooner or later have the opportunity to show himself, which should delight the person concerned!

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