La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, a livré une grosse réaction suite aux débuts ratés d'une des recrues de sa franchise

After his zero point, a Lakers rookie receives a strong message from LeBron!



While LeBron James strolled through the Timberwolves defense on Wednesday, a newcomer to the Lakers signed a much more bleak performance for his first. It was well worth a big outing from the King about him!

With their pale record of 1-3 in their first four warm-up matches, they were keen to refine their automatisms on the two repetitions they had left. The first date, against the Timberwolves, will not have offered the expected result. Defeated 118-113 despite a comeback started in the last moments of the game, the Lakers were still able to savor the new good outing of LeBron James.

Author of 25 points and 11 rebounds for his 3rd outing in this pre-season, the leader of the Angelinos unfortunately could not count on a very solid supporting-cast to help him in his task. Apart from Anthony Davis (19 points, 13 rebounds) and Lonnie Walker (12 points), most of his teammates were disappointed, like the last big name to arrive in the group: Dennis Schröder.

LeBron James raves about Dennis Schröder

Launched by Darvin Ham over nine short minutes, Schröder did not register the least of his 4 attempted shots, simply ending the game with 1 rebound and 1 loss of ball. A very meager record for the one who deplored visa problems before being able to join his new team. These mitigating circumstances also explain the leniency displayed by LeBron towards him at a press conference:

Tonight, I didn’t really care if he scored or missed his shots. We just want him to catch up on the rhythm and on what we have already been able to work on without him. He’s already played enough basketball games that we know he’s going to get there.

More generally, LBJ welcomed the return of the German leader to Los Angeles, he who had not left a very good image there:

It’s great to have him back with us. I found that he signed a crazy summer in Europe. He was incredible throughout Eurobasket. He was even named in the First Team of the tournament. He played outstanding basketball at every level. In his finish near the basket, 3 points, halfway… I also believe that he averaged 6.5 or 7 assists per game. So it’s encouraging to see how well he performed.

Sparkling under the colors of Germany, Dennis The Menace hopes of course to be able to shine as much with the Purple & Gold in the coming months. For that, he will have to get used to evolving with his new partners, and rack up as many minutes as possible before the start of the season. It would therefore not be surprising if Darvin Ham made him play a lot more this Friday, against the Kings!

Delicate return for Dennis Schröder to the Lakers, unable to score a single point, or contribute in any way to his team’s game against Minnesota. Nothing to be alarmed about however for LeBron James, who maintains his confidence in him!

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