Jordan Poole prend feu façon Steph Curry... puis commet une énorme bourde !

After his jackpot, Jordan Poole takes a first pressure from Steve Kerr!



Excellent since his arrival at the Warriors, Jordan Poole has largely deserved his new contract extension. However, the latter will be accompanied by a certain expectation concerning the rear, which will not have the right to miss. Steve Kerr even allowed himself to put a little pressure on him before the restart. The interested party is notified.

The title defense begins in a few days for the Warriors, with a first opposition against the Lakers. The atmosphere promises to be special for Draymond Green, who will reunite with his supporters after hitting Jordan Poole in training. In recent days, the Dubs have also chosen to snub the interior with his contract, suggesting that his future is already decided. Suffice to say that it will be followed very closely.

Another expected player at the turn: Jordan Poole. After great seasons since coming to California, the rear has been rewarded for his efforts and performance. He had the right, as expected, to a nice contract extension following a few weeks of negotiations. He therefore remains for 4 more years with the Dubs, alongside Steph Curry and company. But a certain pressure is necessarily added on him after such a deal.

Jordan Poole urged to improve in one area

Poole isn’t just a Warriors rookie anymore. With such emoluments, the Dubs will expect a lot from him in the playoffs for example. This is the case offensively, but also defensively. In his recent outing to the media, Steve Kerr readily acknowledges that his player needs to progress in a certain area. Otherwise, his playing time could suffer the consequences.

Jordan Poole deserves every penny on his new contract, but I reminded him that last year in the playoffs he only played 17/18 minutes per game. I want him to play 30/32 minutes, but that can only happen if he shows progress in defence.

Scoring is one thing, defending is another, especially in the playoffs. Poole showed his limits last year, forcing Kerr to limit his minutes to put better defenders on the court to contain the onslaught of the opposition. If he wants that to change, Jordan knows what he has to do now. It shouldn’t be too difficult with this pretty jackpot.

Jordan Poole may have been rewarded at the Warriors, but we can say that the hardest part is yet to come. Expectations are rising for the fullback, who will have to prove he’s the man for the job in California, especially if Draymond Green packs his bags. It’s up to the Milwaukee native to show what he can do now.

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