a tool to manage your marketing campaigns and creative projects

a tool to manage your marketing campaigns and creative projects



Discover Monday Marketer

monday marketer is a unique platform, which allows you to optimize the management of all your marketing and creative projects, from planning tasks to monitoring your campaigns. It is intended for marketing managers, designers and writers, as well as all stakeholders in your projects. The tool makes it easier to carry out the actions carried out, whatever your publication channels. You gain in productivity, you increase your traffic and also your conversion rate.

Simplified management of your marketing campaigns

With monday marketer, you have the possibility to more easily follow the progress of your marketing campaigns, the launch of your products, but also the organization of your events. The Gantt Chart feature helps you build an effective marketing plan by automating all of your team’s tasks. You can group them, label them and add a specific color to them, in order to identify them more quickly. The plus: you benefit from complete overviews for all your projects, which allows you to gain visibility, in order to make strategic decisions according to the objectives of your company.

Practical features to optimize collaborative work

Once designated, your collaborators are automatically informed of updates to your campaigns, if the due date is advanced or delayed for example, but also of the best performing keywords, as well as the final approval. Among the features offered by monday marketer to improve communication with your team and facilitate collaborative work processes, we find:

  • Customizable forms: to collect all the information necessary for your creation requests,
  • Annotations on images and videos: to expedite your approval requests,
  • File version management: for easier access to the latest updates to your documents.

Multiple integrations available to save you time

You can synchronize the monday marketer solution with your favorite marketing and creative tools, whether for planning your daily tasks, producing and distributing your content, monitoring your actions, or even support. Many integrations are available: MailChimp, Eventbrite, Data Studio, HubSpot, Typeform, Facebook Ads, Hootsuite, Semrush, Adobe Creative Cloud suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat DC, etc.), and many more…

Rates that adapt to your needs and the size of your team

The subscription offers offered by monday marketer meet all your needs, regardless of the features needed to carry out your marketing and creative projects, as well as the size of your team:

  • Free for life: for managing simple marketing tasks (up to 1,000 items) and for up to 2 employees.
  • At €10 per user per month: with an unlimited number of items to add, request forms, access to 1 dashboard for your marketing reports, access to a resource library as well as the tool’s iOS and Android app .
  • At €13 per user per month: with different ready-to-use views and dashboards, integrations, custom automations (250 actions / month), and access to up to 5 tables for your marketing reports.
  • At €22 per user per month: with access to private boards, annotations, monday.com plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud, sharing of creative briefs, custom automations (25,000 actions/month), and access to up to 10 boards for your marketing reports.

You also have the possibility of subscribing to an offer adapted to your company, which allows you to integrate Jira and Salesforce in particular, and to benefit from premium assistance. A free trial is offered to you to test the many features of monday marketer. No bank card is required.

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