Terrible nouvelle pour les Nets en vue de la fin de saison !

A Net defends Ben Simmons, but is controversial!



While the Nets must manage the soap operas of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the other players are preparing for the new season. This is the case of Ben Simmons, who should not be exchanged, except for a huge surprise. He received the support of a teammate, even if his statement does not please everyone.

No matter the outcome of the soap opera Kevin Durant, the Nets still hope to compete for the title in the future. It must be said that in exchange for the star, and possibly Kyrie Irving, the front office will recover a major consideration. Promising young players? Draft rounds? One or two stars? Brooklyn can be rubbing its hands, even if the last three years haven’t been of much use. However, nothing is finished yet.

It has already been a month since KD asked to leave the Big Apple, without much success. The Celtics, the Heat or the Suns have shown the most interest, but impossible to find an agreement. The Nets temporize and prepare for their new season, where Ben Simmons will have a big role to play. We are talking about the player who arrived in exchange for James Harden last February, which means that there are certain expectations on him.

Ben Simmons already under pressure?

Already impressive in defense, Simmons must improve in attack. The fans want to see aggression, but above all a shot, which he has been so lacking since the start of his career. However, Seth Curry is not of the same opinion. According to him, his teammate doesn’t need to put effort into developing his game, but rather rely on his strengths in the future. A rather curious reasoning.

I don’t think he needs to have a shot. He just has to do what he does best – defend, get the rebounds, lead the counterattacks, organize the plays for his teammates, then attack the circle. When you have the size and so much talent, with sometimes 2 or 3 players who need to be there to stop him, that’s already enough.

It’s a multiple All-Star for a reason. If he can improve his shooting percentage, that will make him unstoppable.

However, and since his arrival in the league, Simmons’ shot has been talked about a lot. It is clear that his indoor game is sufficient, but developing his shot is often the minimum in the league, especially to allow for a little more spacing on the floor, in order to free up teammates, like Curry precisely. The former Sixer has shown his limits in the past alongside Joel Embiid, so developing his game is not a bad idea, quite the contrary.

Should Ben Simmons rely on his qualities? Yes for Seth Curry, but let’s say not everyone will agree. Developing a shot can also be a good idea, especially if the departures of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are confirmed. Whatever, we can’t wait to find the Australian on the floor.

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