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À l’heure de la reprise de l’USA Limoges, Adrien Buononato se confie



Back-to-school time has already come for USA Limoges. Sixty-four days after the memorable play-off return from accession against Mauléon which propelled him into the new National 2, it is a considerably renewed and not complete workforce.
who took up his summer quarters in Beaublanc this Monday at the start of the afternoon.
If they really get to the heart of the matter on Tuesday, old and new players took the pulse with their work environment during a half-day of reception punctuated by presentation meetings and embellished with a few tests. A grip “very important in the approach of a season for a group” according to Adrien Buononato and for which the boss of the Limougeaud sportsman admits “to have more pressure than for a match”.

“For several days, I have been difficult with the staff because I hate that everything is not perfect. If we expect the requirement and the rigor from the players, we must be up to it, ”underlines the former manager of SAXV who returns to the Limougeaud transfer window and projects himself on the preparation of his group. that he will supervise with Stéphane Eymard.

Isn’t the resumption of training a little early?
We are in the norm. Many teams from our chicken are back this week. With the resumption of the championship shifted by one week (September 10-11), we have ten weeks ahead of us. The players had four mandatory weeks off and received instructions for a gradual resumption of activity.

What will be the program for the coming days?

For four weeks, we will train at Beaublanc on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each day, the players will alternate on three blocks: weight training in the gym, physical preparation on the field and rugby. Wednesday will be reserved for the “fat club”, players who will be behind in their preparation, and Friday will be devoted to cohesion activities in Limoges but also its surroundings.

“Stephane will bring us a lot”

How do you view recruitment?
We are not going to send each other flowers but we did the players we had targeted. Our priority was to integrate a work ethic into the workforce with players who have known the high level and for some the very high level to have a real work requirement. Not necessarily to have a greater volume of work but to be more regular in what we do on a daily basis to be efficient. Some players will have a role of mentor in a group that remains young.

With eleven players, is recruitment closed?

We are on the lookout. We are targeting two to three additional players: a young person in development looking for playing time for the back lines, an experienced right pillar to challenge the players and supervise the young people on the position as well as a second-third line in profile 4-6. In the end, we will have a workforce of 33 elements with players covering several positions.

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Stéphane Eymard, with whom you collaborated at the PUC, arrives as rear line coach. What do you expect from him?
Stéphane will bring us a lot. He has a great capacity for work and synthesis. It stores a lot of images. He will bring us his high-level experience in the approach to high-stakes matches, but also his vision of the attacking game.

Namibian Adriaan Ludick and Ivorian Ange Taho take part in the Africa Cup

The USAL should soon formalize the management of the National Hopes after the departure of Éric Mestre and the non-renewal of Clément Guérineau. It will be entrusted to Fabrice Pécher and Thibaut Redon-Sarrazy alongside Denis Neyrat.

During the first phase, the Limougeauds Espoirs will evolve in pool 4 with the Bassin d’Arcachon, Floirac, Marmande, Niort and Périgueux. Start of the championship on September 10 and 11.

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