A label for digital marketing schools



Four digital marketing professional associations have just created the Digital Marketing School label for training establishments in the sector. Explanation with François Deltour, president of the CPA, who is leading this project.

Why this label?

FRANCOIS DELTOUR. It was born from the needs of the field. The 500 companies represented by the professional associations that support the label, the IAB France, the DMA France, the MMA and the CPA that I chair, have constant recruitment needs for functions that are constantly changing due to innovation and changes to the regulatory framework. However, we have noted the difficulty of schools in keeping up with our expectations. The purpose of this label is therefore to achieve a better match between our needs and the training they offer. The objective is to provide graduates with faster integration into the company in operational terms.

Who can get it and how?

We have already identified around a hundred Bac+5 digital marketing training courses eligible for certification. To obtain it, they will have to fulfill 50 criteria relating to the content of the lessons, the profiles of the speakers… The first meeting of the committee for examining the files will be held at the end of March. Once obtained, the label will be subject to annual renewal. However, it is not a “sanction” label, but a collective action label that is part of a continuous improvement process. The incumbent establishments will have access to numerous documents and webinars made available by the partner professional associations. They will be able to ask the associations to suggest professional speakers. Finally, graduates of certified schools will have privileged access to internship offers and job offers offered by member companies of the associations.

What will this label bring?

This will make the training landscape more readable for employers and future graduates. All the actors in this ecosystem have an interest in it: students who follow certified training have a guarantee of quality that will improve their access to the job market and employers have the assurance of welcoming young graduates whose abilities are adapted to their needs. The first training sessions will be effective at the start of the 2022 academic year. We will have succeeded if many schools choose to label their digital marketing training Bac+5 and if companies thus have a pool of young graduates who meet their needs. It will be a success if in the future, in terms of recruitment, the match between Bac+5 digital marketing training and the needs of companies in our sector is no longer a subject. For the time being, four professional associations support this label, but this circle is intended to expand to include merchants and digital advertisers.


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