NBA Giannis choqué pendant les Finales face aux Suns

A Giannis cash teammate: “He’s an asshole on the pitch”



Milwaukee is ready to fight this season, after failing to retain its title last season. One of his recruits fits perfectly into this mentality, as a lieutenant of Giannis Antetokounmpo recently confided. The opposing players will suffer against him!

If the Bucks did not necessarily make big purchases during the summer, their workforce of Giannis Antetokounmpo being already very deep, they still made some interesting moves. These include the arrival of Joe Ingles, who joined them for a season at minimum wage during the summer. It didn’t take long for Rudy Gobert’s former Jazz partner to choose Wisconsin as his new home, as he confided on Media Day:

It was the first time really that I was free to go where I wanted, because before that I knew I was going to come back to Utah every year. And then, at this point in my career, I wanted to find a team that was competitive and where I could be well looked after. During the whole thought process, everything led me to think that Milwaukee was the best place.

Joe Ingles, the new moth of the Bucks

Remember that the Australian has been on the floor for a few months, following a rupture of the cruciate ligaments of the knee. Because of their ambitions at the time, the Mormons had to make the painful decision to trade him to the Blazers, in order to recover a healthy player for the playoffs. However, the person concerned has not made old bones in Oregon and intends to revive with the Bucks, who are once again aiming for the title after being champions in 2021.

Assuming he can return in good shape, he should in any case bring a lot to Mike Budenholzer’s squad. The native of Down Under is a real scum on the court, capable of knocking his opponent out of his hinges in the middle of a match while punishing him in attack. His new teammates are in any case already won over, starting with Jrue Holiday who was full of praise for the former darling of Salt Lake City:

Joe is one of those players you hate playing against. He’s an asshole on the pitch, frankly. It’s horrible to play against him because he’s physical, he’s a bit dirty and he trash-talks. But now that he’s in my team, I’m happy. He’s a shooter, so an offensive threat. He’s super smart, makes great passes, fakes, can finish in the circle. Defensively he was always one of the guys who defended against one of the best opposing players. His arrival has definitely made us a better team.

Obviously, the Boomer is already very well integrated into the group articulated around the Greek Freak. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to transpose all this to the parquet floors on his return, which should not take place before mid-December. The medical staff of Milwaukee does not want to take the slightest risk with his health, aware of the value that the player can have when he is dressed. Again, the roster being deep, it shouldn’t be a problem in the rotations.

Jrue Holiday is one of the best outside defenders in the league, so seeing him dishing out compliments like that to Joe Ingles says a lot about the qualities of this one. The Bucks may well have found their new X factor with the Jazz alum.

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