Le nouveau projet génial de Tony Parker ! NBA

A former teammate of Tony Parker humiliated, the fans mad with rage!



Because of their particular game philosophy, former San Antonio players sometimes tend to suffer great disrespect from observers. A member of the Big Three has notably experienced this, recently… Except that the fans have reacted immediately, outraged by the remarks in question.

If Manu Ginobili was elected only once Sixth Man of the Year, in 2007-08, he is recognized as one of the best replacements to have ever walked the floors of the NBA. In terms of talent, the Argentinian could easily have started anywhere and chained the selections to the All-Star Game, but he preferred to sacrifice himself for the good of the Spurs collective. A successful tactic, since he ended his career with four champion rings.

Respect for the fullback is therefore immense across the league, but every now and then some of his peers seem to set him apart from other players. Gilbert Arenas is the latest to do so, explaining that he doesn’t see Tony Parker’s former teammate as one of the best jokers in history. He would even be ready to rank him behind two other scorers in particular, which is likely to get a lot of people talking:

Gilbert Arenas shocks about Manu Ginobili

It’s hard to convince me that Manu Ginobili was individually better than Jamal Crawford… Let them play 1v1. Who do you take? Manu was amazing in that role, but when it comes to individual play…he’s not in the Top 5 Best Sixth Men of All Time. Can Ginobili say he’s better than Lou Williams as the Sixth Man?

Certainly, the difference between El Manu and the two men is that he scored much less, running at 13 points per game where J-Crossover has accumulated almost 20,000 in his career, for example. It’s not all about scoring in basketball, though, and Ginobili was a real 1-vs-1 nightmare when he was active. On top of that, he was the leader of an Olympic champion nation, which many irate fans made a point of immediately recalling:

Manu led Argentina to Olympic gold against Team USA and he wouldn’t have been better than Crawford? Okay. 😂

It’s the only possible answer about who’s the best

Gilbert Arenas has undoubtedly made a lot of enemies, speaking of the kind of Manu Ginobili. The ex-Spur was quite unique, and even if it is sometimes difficult to compare players, he intrinsically had nothing to envy to Lou Williams or Jamal Crawford.

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