A cycle of 3 days of conferences to boost your digital strategy!

A cycle of 3 days of conferences to boost your digital strategy!



To help you get the new school year off to a good start, CyberCité and its partners invite you to attend a new edition of Marketing Digital Days. On October 18, 19 and 20, 2022, 26 specialists will meet during 21 exclusive conferences. The goal? Help you improve your digital performance, increase your online visibility and measure your actions.


A complete event around digital marketing

Given the success of last year, the Marketing Digital Days are back for a second edition. This time, experts in SEO, acquisition and data will be present to address various digital themes: SEO, Core Web Vitals, headless e-commerce, UX/UI, netlinking, Google Ads, YouTube, social media, CRM, Amazon algorithms… In short, all the elements that make it possible to build a robust digital strategy. This is an essential step in boosting sales, improving brand awareness and developing your business as a whole.

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Over three days, the specialists will review the most effective and innovative action plans and digital techniques. They will also guide you in implementing these new levers within your company. The objective is that you have all the elements in hand to make digital the engine of your growth.

The conferences are aimed as much at e-merchants and retailers as at international groups, SMEs and BtoB or BtoC advertisers. Concretely, all entities that have digital challenges will find answers to their questions: How to adapt to the end of third-party cookies? How can ethics and profitability rhyme in marketing? What are the most effective levers for improving your return on investment (ROI)? Registering for the event organized by CyberCité and its partners will allow you to benefit from the expertise and advice of specialists.


21 conferences to give a new dimension to its strategy

Twenty-one webinars are therefore to be discovered during the Marketing Digital Days. Recognized experts will intervene during each of them. You will have the chance to obtain the points of view and recommendations of speakers from Acoustic, Google, Isoskele, Krooga, OnlySo, Salesforce, Sylius, Webqam and, of course, CyberCité.

Day 1 – Redesign, site creation and SEO

The first day, Tuesday, October 18, will focus on site redesign and creation. The fundamentals of SEO will also be discussed. Here are the seven conferences that will take place:

  • Core Web Vitals: the top actions to improve my site’s scores;
  • Is SalesForce Commerce Cloud the right choice for the SEO redesign of my e-commerce site? ;
  • Headless e-commerce: everyone talks about it, but what is it? ;
  • Redesign or create your site without SEO disaster: the top ROI actions;
  • UX, UI and SEO: What synergies for e-commerce? ;
  • SEO/SEA convergence: how to combine your strategies to maximize your performance and increase your visibility? ;
  • B2B SEO strategy: what are the real specificities?

Day 2 – Acquisition Strategy

On Wednesday, October 19, the experts will reveal the secrets of a good acquisition strategy. Seven webinars are planned:

  • Netlinking strategy: Understand what Google is waiting for to hit hard;
  • How to set up a successful Content Marketing strategy? ;
  • Internal linking and Netlinking: How to combine them for the benefit of your SEO? ;
  • How to create a successful digital campaign? The importance of the visual in your acquisition strategy;
  • Performance Max: How about an update on this new Google Ads product? ;
  • Boost your brand awareness and overall digital performance with YouTube;
  • Successfully activating Social Shopping: which platforms and which Social Media strategy to put in place?

Day 3 – Analysis, data and CRM

For the third and last day of the Marketing Digital Days, the speakers will talk to you about analysis, data and CRM. On Thursday, October 20, you will have the opportunity to discover seven webconferences:

  • Data Quality: how to make reliable and enrich your customer and prospect data to optimize the performance of your Relationship Marketing? ;
  • CRM data and statistical solutions: pillar of customer knowledge;
  • Marketing Automation: a simple tool for managing marketing campaigns or a real conversion assistance lever? ;
  • SEO data and keyword strategy: how to use data to make the right decisions?
  • Google Algo vs Amazon Algo: pitfalls to avoid to perform;
  • How to challenge your lead generation strategies on META in the context of the end of third-party cookies? ;
  • The new Google Analytics 4: from theory to practice, including migration.

As you will have understood, the Digital Marketing Days will allow you to obtain all the keys to set up a complete and effective digital strategy at the start of the school year. To not miss this exclusive event, register now.


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