Les objets publicitaires et le marketing digital

A complement to digital marketing?



the Digital Marketing has taken a prominent place in communication and the many actions carried out by companies, particularly in terms of advertising. However, digital has not become the only lever for brands to ensure their promotion and visibility.

Among the advertising solutions available to them, marketing by physical object still remains today an effective lever that any company can use, for several reasons.

  • What does the marketing with promotional items ?
  • Why is it important to use it to complement the digital marketing techniques used?


Marketing by promotional item, what is it?

the promotional item marketing consists of the distribution of advertising products for a targeted audience, in order to ensure the promotion of its activity while acquiring offline visibility.

This is particularly the case when adding an advertising object within an order for example, or when organizing a distribution during an event. These are generally called goodies, but they are advertising products in any case.

The more the chosen object is consistent with its target, the more the latter is likely to use it and therefore make the brand visible. For example, an audience that agrees to wear a tote bag with the brand’s logo will make it more visible, since it will appear in view of passers-by during an event such as a trade show.

A company wishing to opt for marketing by promotional item will therefore call on a service provider specializing in the creation of this type of product. A advertising object designated by IGO Object for example can therefore be used in this sense. There are many useful products on a daily basis such as notepads, pens, calculators, mugs, etc.

The idea is to use products that will be used regularly, thus highlighting the brand and therefore clearly visible.

What is the difference with digital marketing?

the Digital Marketing concerns all the marketing practices that are carried out at the digital level. Several media are therefore concerned such as websites, social networks, applications, online videos, newsletters, etc.

Digital marketing therefore represents something that is not tangible, unlike marketing through promotional items. Here, things are anchored in the concrete since the target has a physical object at hand.

These are therefore two completely different approaches both in principle and in the methods that are implemented to seduce his target.

Why does one complement the other?

Digital marketing and marketing by advertising object are not to be opposed when one wishes to implement an effective strategy. Indeed, any company knows perfectly well that it is essential to multiply and vary different communication and advertising levers to be effective.

Certain media and/or methods will more easily reach one audience or another, which makes it possible to extend its radius of influence. When setting up a digital marketing campaign, it is also necessary to consider a marketing campaign by promotional item as a second step, or to complete the first.

Indeed, it is entirely possible to make these two approaches work together. For example, a digital marketing campaign on social networks can allow contest participants to win promotional items. Therefore, the two approaches combine for all the more efficiency.

We can also imagine a campaign for the distribution of advertising items during an event, for example, which we would highlight through social networks to promote the event. Once again, the two approaches complement each other and the company creates a varied interaction with its target. Whether you plan to do digital marketing or create promotional itemsit is therefore not at all excluded to combine these two practices to make known its brand, its offer or more broadly its company.

Build customer loyalty

Loyalty is one of the principles targeted when a company uses corporate gifts or promotional items. Giving gifts to its customers, at least the best ones, is a personal brand that allows seal a professional relationship and/or to perpetuate it in certain cases.

various advertising objects offered by service providers

As such, companies sometimes use products that have real added value, such as a luxury diary that can accompany an employee throughout the year. By affixing its logo and contact details, the company remains accessible and visible at all times for its customers.

There are many products that can help to improve your customer relationship, and to perpetuate it to be part of a good relationship. It is also easier and more relevant to build loyalty through a concrete product than through the Internet where it is more difficult to register over time. So think about retain your customers to maintain good relations.

In summary

If digital has a place of choice in all the actions and campaigns carried out by online brands, there are still levers to gain visibility while promoting it, offline. Object advertising is still positioned as a effective way to reach targetswhile building loyalty with customizable everyday products.

Do not neglect this solution in your communication and your marketing and as it is regularly mentioned +in business; it is easier to retain a customer than to win a new one.

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