La superstar NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving, a subi une grosse humiliation de la part de son ancienne franchise, les Boston Celtics, symbolisés ici par Jayson Tatum

A Celtics star unpins and lights Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker!



The Celtics come out of a successful season and they will obviously be keen to do better next season, with a more or less similar workforce. But before thinking about the future, one squad star looked back on the past, releasing a stinging statement about former stars like Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker…

For several years, the Celtics have been seen as the team of the future in the NBA, and this team of the future is now firmly rooted in the present of the league. Jayson Tatum has always had the talent to become one of the 5 best players on the planet, Jaylen Brown is a luxury lieutenant, Robert Williams is an exceptional defender… Clearly, this group was destined to achieve great things.

And after a very complicated start to the season, where the playoffs did not even seem guaranteed, Ime Udoka’s men were able to find the right formula, string together victories, to the point of becoming the team that no one wanted to face. In fact, only the Warriors managed to get the better of Boston in the Finals, but the future remains bright in Massachusetts.

Marcus Smart destroys his former teammates!

The disappointment is inevitably strong for the Celtics after this setback, especially since there was room to do better… Despite everything, Marcus Smart draws positive lessons from these Finals and this great playoff campaign, as well both collectively and personally. In an interview with the Boston Globehe did not hesitate to return to his contribution to the game, dropping a huge tackle on several former teammates, including Kyrie Irving.

I proved what I had to prove. I hear that I’m not a real point guard, that the team needs a star point guard… We had big names on position 1, and yet, it’s the supposed “false point guard” who is the only one to have reached the Finals. I think that says it all. I have nothing more to say on this subject. I know what I’m capable of when given the right opportunities.

Marcus Smart is the oldest representative of the Celtics in the workforce, he has seen a good package of players in Massachusetts, especially in the lead. He was present during the outbreak of Isaiah Thomas in the heart of the 2010s′, he was present to see the Kyrie Irving show and his betrayal, and he was also present to witness the last beautiful years of Kemba Walker…

All these players are or were more famous than him, he knows it well, and yet, Marcus Smart is the only one to have led this young and talented group to the Finals. For him, this fact says a lot about his abilities, but also about the excessive credit granted to certain big names, who do not necessarily have the prize list or the accolades to justify the status of superstar. Despite the defeat, the Defender of the Year has grown out of this season.

Marcus Smart is the leader who succeeded in to bring the Celtics in the Finals for the first time in more than 10 years, and it is a pride that he shares without restraint in the media. He doesn’t have the prestige of Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker, but no one can take that accomplishment away from him.

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