La superstar NBA française Rudy Gobert a fait passer un gros message dès sa première conférence de presse en tant que joueur des Minnesota Timberwolves

A cash star: “Yes, the arrival of Rudy Gobert changes everything”



New Wolves player Rudy Gobert finds Anthony Edwards there, who had some comments about him several months ago. A turbulent reunion between the two men, even if priority is given to the team. We can confirm this with the last words from the back, quite complimentary with our Frenchman. The goal seems very clear in Minnesota.

After reaching the playoffs last year, Wolves have been confirmed in their objective of winning a title in the coming years. But in the West, the competition is relatively strong, with many franchises dreaming of competing for the ring. The front office has therefore upset the market by seeking Rudy Gobert, in exchange for a few players, but above all 5 first draft rounds.

For the first time in his career, the French will therefore discover a new home. Not only will he have to quickly find his bearings, but his agreement with Karl-Anthony Towns will be scrutinized very closely. D’Angelo Russell could be key as the point guard, while the fans are counting heavily on Anthony Edwards, who had particular comments on the Stifle Tower last year.

Anthony Edwards aims far with Rudy Gobert by his side

The triple defender of the year, however, changes a lot of things with the Wolves, who no longer have the right to make mistakes. By releasing many assets concerning their future, the leaders have made a strong choice, that of trying everything to win, even if it means losing everything. The arrival of Rudy is therefore not without pressure, which Edwards quickly understood during an interrogation by the site Complex.

Complex: “Karl-Anthony Towns said it was now or never for your team to win, do you agree with such a statement, and why? »

Anthony Edwards: “It is certain. Adding Rudy puts a lot of pressure on us. I agree with that. »

Edwards therefore seems to indirectly confirm that Gobert has a lot of talent, which will allow Minnesota to take a new step. This signing adds pressure yes, since the franchise must now prove that it is able to compete with the best teams in the West. A simple accession to the playoffs is no longer enough, far from it, even more so with this trade for Rudy.

The good news is that all the players on the roster are quite eager to play with the Frenchman. KAT has already expressed his happiness to evolve with such a player, while Edwards was quick to share his hype in front of this signature. There will be some pressure on this squad, but everyone seems very confident at Wolves. Needless to say that the organization will be followed closely at the start of the school year.

Anthony Edwards is full of praise for Rudy Gobert, who he sees as a beneficial arrival for Wolves. His contribution will change a lot of things in defense, but not only. It is now up to the players to make it all work, or the term “fiasco” will not be too much.

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