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A cash champion: “People say I’m fat, but I don’t care”



Some players in the league have sometimes a little less athletic physique than average, which leads to them being called “fat” from time to time. A ringed star broached the subject recently, admitting that it was complicated at first…but he has since come to terms with it.

Since the beginning of his career, Kyle Lowry has been known for several things: his quality leadership, his excellent defensive skills… and his physique that differs from NBA standards. Indeed, the man has often shown overweight, to the point of being compared to a marmot by the supporters. With her full cheeks and a rather prominent behind, it was inevitable… However, this should not be a very pleasant experience on a daily basis.

Following the elimination of the Heat in the conference finals, he also had the right to a soap from the big boss Pat Riley, who destroyed him in relation to his athletic condition. Not enough to demoralize the veteran titled in 2019 with the Raptors, however, who has known others. Recently on Vince Carter’s podcast, he was very frank on the subject, admitting that it had long been a problem for him. Today, however, things would have changed a lot:

Kyle Lowry opens up about his physique

It bothered me a lot. It got to me. It really got to me, I’ll be honest. And now I don’t care. I’m in my office right now and I’m going to get a little arrogant: to me, a man who’s never been wildly athletic, “chubby,” doesn’t matter…I’m looking at the numbers in terms of interceptions all- time… a championship ring… a few All-Star Game appearances.

Yeah, yeah, the chubby side has been part of me for a long time. But hey, I’m at peace with that. You can create all the memes you want. I assume. I love that.

KLow adopted a very serene attitude, probably the best there is to ignore criticism. It must be said that between his champion ring, his six selections at ASG as well as his 1350 stolen balls in his career (69th all-time, and he could arrive at the gates of the Top 50 next year), his CV speaks for him. -same.

That being said, although we are inclined to believe his words, it seems that he has still decided to act on his physical condition this offseason. In effect, the last pictures of him showed him metamorphosed, a rather drastic change compared to the player we knew. The disappointment of having missed the NBA Finals by a hair may have piqued his pride, he who would not say no to a second charm before retiring.

Champion with the Raptors, legend of the Canadian franchise and multiple All-Star, Kyle Lowry has delivered a superb career. All while not being an athletic monster, proof that it is not a sine qua non condition to be a great player.

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