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A caption shocks: “An orgasm in the middle of a match? Yeah, it’s possible”



Some athletes sometimes overflow with energy and motivation, to the point of displaying a rather… eccentric personality, one might say. Kevin Garnett is the perfect example, he who had notably split a memorable exit a few months ago. According to him, having orgasms during a match would be quite possible!

If Kevin Garnett has remained forever etched in collective memories, it is not only because he was one of the best strong wingers of all time. Admittedly, he has accumulated more than 26,000 points and nearly 15,000 rebounds in his career, but he also made an impression with his boundless energy. Few showed an intensity on the court even similar to that of the Hall of Famer, who was practically unclassified in this area.

Whether it’s exuberant celebrations or trash-talking on the edge of human decency, the Big Ticket gave it their all. In 2021, he also returned to the subject during an interview with the magazine QG, explaining where he got this way of behaving on the pitch. The opportunity for him to release a new legendary release, mentioning in passing a legend of bodybuilding and cinema as an example. Grab the popcorn, it’s crazy!

Kevin Garnett’s Lunar Declaration

When you saw me banging my head on the back of the goal before games, it was just a matter of mental preparation. Have you ever seen Jon Jones (MMA fighter, editor’s note) fight? Before the fight, he does this weird thing where he slaps his chest multiple times. It’s muscle activation. Sometimes screaming is just a stress relief, man. I had so much energy that I just had to… sometimes, while drinking Gatorade, I would spit it in the air.

Do you know how it feels when you walk into a dark room and see nothing? And you start using your senses and your touch to tread carefully? Well, imagine running at top speed in the dark, and what you hit, you hit. To be a professional athlete, I really believe in being a little crazier than average in order to stick it out.

Some people get off on that. I sometimes heard Arnold Schwarzenegger talk about orgasms when he lifted weights. And I was like, “What the fuck is this? but then when I was running and working on my moves and really seeing that it was working, and when I was going to a game and my opponents were getting screwed over every move I made, it was crazy! They wondered how I had done to beat them, and that’s when I understood. I understood why he said that.

As so often, it is said without language of wood with the MVP 2004, which is customary of this kind of declas. A few years ago, he bluntly told a teammate that some players had “fucked the cudgel” on him, just that ! However, we cannot say that this way of seeing things served her. In the end, KG finished with a title of best player in the league, but also a double DPOY-champion in 2008 with the Celtics.

Kevin Garnett is definitely a character apart in the NBA landscape, having no filter either on or off the field. Not sure that we will ever see an athlete with the same mentality as the Big Ticket!

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