La superstar NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, surprise devant la déclaration d'un coéquipier concernant les besoins de la franchise à la trade deadline

A brute ridiculed for his reversal of the jacket on Steph Curry!



Many are those to cover Stephen Curry with praise, since the title of Golden State. However, this is not necessarily credible in the case of all… A former big man in particular was lit recently, having changed his speech at the speed of light on the subject of n°30.

Now with four championship rings and the status of greatest shooter of all time, Stephen Curry has definitely carved out a place for himself among the greatest all-time basketball players. This can be seen in the opinions of observers, the latter ranking it more and more in front of certain icons of the game considered until then as untouchable. Kendrick Perkins was particularly strong preferring him to Kobe Bryanta short time ago.

The compliment is particularly complimentary for the Chief, who sees himself there being privileged vis-à-vis one of the ten best players in history. The problem is that some fans find it hard to believe in the sincerity of the colossus. Indeed, just a few weeks earlier, he had made much less flattering remarks about the leader. Before Game 6 of the Finals against Boston, the person concerned had announced a less good than usual performance from the double MVP:

Kendrick Perkins gunned down for recent comments about Curry

Kendrick Perkins : I know he put 43 in Game 4… but that’s not going to happen tonight.

@LockedUpByWiggs : is it really the same guy?

A small clarification is necessary: ​​Perk’ is a former member of the Greens and Whites, having even won the title in Massachusetts in 2008. He also quickly announced that it would be the C’s who would win the Finals. His speech therefore had to be consistent despite the form of No. 30, and in fact, the latter did not indeed exceed forty points on this meeting. But it wasn’t a big consolation prize for Bean Town…

Indeed, Baby Face made an excellent copy on this decisive face-to-face, ending the game with a statistical sheet of great beauty: 34 points at 12/21 in shooting including 6/11 behind the arc, 7 rebounds, 7 assists and two interceptions. As the icing on the cake, he not only secured the victory and therefore the title for the Dubs, but he also took the opportunity to obtain his first career Finals MVP trophy. In other words, we are far from what the ex-big man expected from his performance:

Kendrick Perkins has turned his jacket around on Stephen Curry in the space of a few weeks. It must be said that after such crappy remarks about the Chief, continuing on the same path would not have been wise either… a hell of a dilemma for the former colossus.

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