La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, a réagi à la dernière mixtape impressionnante de son fils aîné, Bronny, star du circuit high school

A big trend is emerging for the future of Bronny James!



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While he is currently on tour in Europe, Bronny James must already think about his future and the huge choice that awaits him next summer. If several tracks are still available for the young prospect, a strong trend is already emerging according to the latest information from ESPN. We take stock.

Bronny James may not be a generational talent like his father LeBron at the same age, but he is still a serious, complete player who can legitimately claim the NBA. Solidly established in the top 40 of his cuvée according to the latest rankings, the King’s eldest son has further consolidated his status by signing a solid performance in London most recently for the California Basketball Club’s first game on European soil.

When the tour ends, notably following visits to Rome and Paris, Bronny will return to the United States to play his last season as a high school student. A crucial 2022-2023 campaign, since it will allow to have a last panorama of the level of the Young King before the crucial decision of his future. Because a question is on everyone’s lips: after Sierra Canyon, where will Bronny play in the fall of 2023?

A big trend emerges for the choice of Bronny James

A few days ago, The Athletic reported that 3 tracks stood out: the NCAA, the G-League, and a professional championship abroad, as LaMelo Ball had been able to do in the NBL. Thanks to ESPN’s Paul Biancardi, we know more behind the scenes of Bronny’s decision, and not only is it the college that holds the rope, but several very serious suitors have already been identified and launched in pursuit of the brother of Bryce and Zhuri:

Paul Biancardi: “There is a strong probability that Bronny James will choose to join the university. It is already coveted by universities like UCLA, USC, Michigan State, and Oregon, among others.

The suitors are jostling at the gate for Bronny, who will have no trouble finding the right fit and joining the NCAA if this trend continues. It will then remain to find the best possible program for its development, especially since the objective of the James clan will very likely be a “one-and-done”, namely a single year in college before taking the plunge into the NBA. to join dad LeBron and play with him – a longtime dream of the King.

You will have understood it: the coming year promises to be crucial for Bronny, who aims to be an NBA player within two years, and who seems to consider that the NCAA is the best way to prepare for it. better. Where ? For how long ? All of these questions remain to be determined, and will depend in large part on the level of the back of Sierra Canyon during his last season of high school.

Unlike several top prospects who have chosen to harden themselves directly in the professional world by joining the G-League or a league abroad, Bronny James seems to be heading towards an NCAA course at the end of his final year. of university There will be no shortage of suitors, and the teenager’s choice will be followed with particular interest. Case to follow!

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