5 Tips for Creating a Contest that Converts



What are the ingredients of a contest that converts players into prospects? How to optimize the conversions of its contests? Here are 5 tips to optimize your contests and not only attract contestants.

1- Opt for a short registration form

The more questions and fields a form has, the more the lead is qualified, but the fewer of them will want to communicate as much information from the first contact.

To get the most conversions and leads possible, it is recommended that you first ask your prospect for the essentials: their email and/or telephone number in addition to a surname/first name.

In the context of a b2b contest, it may also be relevant to only allow professional emails to participate in order to avoid ending up with less qualified leads (be careful, however, with this approach since in certain areas, many professionals still use free mailboxes such as Gmail, Wanadoo or Yahoo.)

2- Take care of the graphic design of your contest

The graphic aspect of your contest game is a key success factor. The more polished and professional the design of the universe around your contest, the more attractive it will be for your target audience.

3- Put into play attractive prizes and have several winners

This may seem obvious to some of you, but for a contest to attract participants, above all, the prizes put into play must be attractive to the targets of the competition.

The more data you request from your prospect in exchange for their participation, the larger the prize will have to be. It is of course recommended to adapt the prizes put into play with the targeted targets.

In addition, offering the possibility to several people to win will maximize the chances for your contest game to be perceived as interesting by your target audience since the chances of winning something will be more numerous than for a contest game with a single winner.

4- Comply with GDPR and data collection law

Beyond the legal obligation, compliance with the GDPR (general regulations for the protection of personal data) is crucial to prove to your target audience that you are a serious company concerned with respecting the personal data collected.

If the filing of a regulation is no longer mandatory since the end of 2014, it is essential for the organizers of contests to have a confidentiality policy associated with their marketing game.

Do you think this can be a brake on registrations? Think again.

Companies that create their marketing games with Clickncom, a benchmark player in the field, observe, for example, privacy policy acceptance rates of around 90% (although this box is not mandatory).

Furthermore, the law does not authorize companies to massively collect the personal data of their customers and prospects. Care should therefore be taken to request only information that is really relevant to comply with legal requirements.

5- Provide a positive experience for attendees

Participating in a contest game means for many to play and lose… To transform this gaming experience which can be quite frustrating for some, offering a positive experience through its contest game can be a good way to transform prospects into potential customers. .

Losers may for example be offered the opportunity to replay another draw to try to win a secondary prize. For example, the organizing company can offer them a discount valid on the first purchase made online (if this is a device offered to people who subscribe to their newsletter).

By implementing this type of win-win system, losers can turn into potential customers.

This article was written as part of a sponsored partnership with Clickncom

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